Gentle Grand

A beautiful Yamaha S6 grand piano, accompanied by textural pad...

The story

This is the best sample I’ve made to date. A Yamaha S6 grand piano, sampled with an exquisite array of microphones. I really never thought I’d give this away, and it pains me to do so, but here we are. This piano is a lite version of the samples I recorded – a single stereo pair of Royers 121 ribbons, two dynamic layers, three round robins. Played with a soft-medium dynamic, Gentle Grand is warm and rich. I later decided to mangle the samples and create a padded layer, that undulates and accompanies the main piano wonderfully. I’m incredibly proud of this instrument, and I hope you love it as much as I do.


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  • Just beautiful

    This is exactly, what I would expect from a Piano library. Bought many of them, but found it in a free Pianobook package. I like it a lot. Thank you for providing it!!!

    mschwarzenberger27 December 2021
  • Stunning Grand Piano

    this piano is up there with Nihls Frahms Grand - it's not a felt piano but has amazing character and presence/ It's gentle, wistful, and deep but very very playable and may just become my favorite "go-to" piano - well done!

    MFSDUBLIN27 December 2021
  • Nice!

    I like it! I did have to save the path to the samples so they would load. But playing around with it, I'm impressed with the sound and how you can tweak it. Will use it for those dreamy applications!

    daveydad23 December 2021
  • This instrument is beautiful

    Warm, rich, smooth, interesting, intricate, musical. inspiring! This piano with the pad combo has me over the moon with ideas.

    Emil G. Music23 December 2021
  • What a wonderful piano!

    For me personal this is the best piano on pianobook. Its so inspiring to just jam with it, such a wonderful gentle sound!
    PS: had some problems getting it to run: the path of the samples isnt set correct in kontakt and unzipping it with winrar didnt work (the samples were missing)

    Jonas Krug23 December 2021
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