roberg’s Reviews

  • Not a one trick pony!

    The variety of possibilities and sounds is amazing, as so often, when the synthesizerwriter gives us an instrument!
    The GUI offers many possibilities to shape the sound on little space.
    It is well done that the GUI does not seem overloaded. Who wants to deal with the formation of sounds is well served with this instrument and has a lot of fun!

    SWooh-arrMR321 June 2022
  • GUI defines a benchmark for DS instruments

    Very nice looking GUI with seven pad sounds that complement each other very well and can be mixed well. Absolutely usable and especially the GUI defines a benchmark for DS instruments!

    Corrosion22 June 2022
  • Between percussion, found sounds and synth-drums/perc

    Already interesting just because it is a drum kit, which is not exactly the most common type of instruments on Pianobook. An attractive selection of sounds that ranges somewhere between percussion, found sounds and synth-drums/perc. A thoroughly usable instrument. I especially like the ability to shape the sounds with the different versions of the samples you have access to!

  • Amazing first instrument

    The sound of the instrument works from the low to the high registers. Which has to do with the fact that not only one sample was used but that the effort was made to create samples for all registers.
    The GUI is clean and reduced, nothing distracting or confusing.
    The instrument doesn't offer a huge range of possibilities and sounds but what it does, it does well and I can imagine it being very suitable for scoring an oppressive scene.
    For a first sample instrument above average good and I am curious what instruments will follow!

    Arctic Laboratory21 June 2022
  • This instrument does not sink!

    A usable instrument with a small but useful selection of options to edit (attack, release, reverb and low-pass filter). The theme has been followed through: Name over the GUI to the sounds. Good work!

    Submarine22 June 2022