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  • Everything I could wish for from an organ

    With this organ Dehli Musikk gives us a Decent Sampler instrument that not only has a very appealing GUI, but also offers the possibility to create many different sounds with great sounding samples.

    Just the work that was put into this instrument from sampling to GUI design including custom knobs and drawbars(!) to the very complex XML creation for the Decent Sampler already deserves the highest respect!

    I personally like instruments that offer a wide variety of sound manipulation and here you even have the possibility to control the Amp Env ADSR curves (from log. to linear to exp.)!
    I also like that a CPU friendly version of the instrument is included ("Single Drawbar" - preset).

    Dehli Musikk has managed that despite the many possibilities to change the sound of the organ, the GUI is still quickly understood and without much training time can be started immediately with the sound design. I have no criticism, because this instrument delivers everything I could wish for from an organ!

  • Great sounding and versatile felt piano sounds!

    Don't you ever have enough piano instruments on your computer? Do you really need another one? - Yes, pretty sure you already have many or even too many pianos, but this one is still worth playing!

    Because with this demo version of the Woodland Grand we are gifted with a felt tone that sounds excellent.
    This is probably the result of the elaborate way in which the piano was sampled. The effort was obviously worth it and can be heard!

    But who now thinks: "What only a felt sound? This is a one trick pony!", to which I reply: Yes, maybe, but what it does, it does really well! And by the way: Thanks to the possibility to control the volume of the three microphone positions independently from each other plus also the respective stereo width, a varied and nuanced sound can be created. Of course, in this demo it remains a felt piano, but even without using EQ it can be integrated well into the mix and sounds versatile.

    Thanks a lot for this demo and if you want to have more sound characteristics of this great sampled instrument, the full version is highly recommended!

  • Sparking Creativity: Let's Explore!

    "Wow, this looks great, but what is all this stuff?" was probably one of my first thoughts about this Decent Sampler instrument. This is probably because the GUI makes a stunning impression but the individual control functions are not exactly familiar in the Decent Sampler world plus the concept of subharmonics is used here....

    So first I watched the two videos about the instrument and got bigger and bigger eyes. What Bries makes available to us here for free pushes for me the limits of what is possible with Decent Sampler once again. This, because Bries uses creatively existing possibilities of the DS (a "memory unit" built out of the delay effect, "Diftlock" to emulate the unstable pitch drift of analog oscillators...) and finds a good balance between possibilities to influence the sound and limiting the functions to not get lost in the jungle of possibilities (switches for slow/fast amp env, spring reverb and fixed value filter).

    This instrument invites sound experimentation and can ignite just the spark of creativity that is sometimes needed to start a new song.

    I thank Bries for this really great instrument with one of the most beautiful and attractive GUI I have seen so far on a decent sampler instrument plus for showing what else is possible with DS if you manage to think outside the box. I am impressed!

    I highly recommend watching the instrument videos to get a good introduction to the concept of subharmonics and how to use the instrument!

  • "When you perform, it performs"

    After alber2000's last Decent Sampler instrument "80's Module", which sounds great and has a very appealing GUI, he presents here his next not less impressive project.

    The CZ-1 has been recorded neatly with two notes per octave over 4 octaves and for 64 different presets/patches! The GUI looks great and there is a full amp envelope as well as a delay and reverb directly accessible. But that's not all, you can also control the filter cut-off frequency and resonance via midi control and via key-switches you can determine how much the velocity influences the filter cut-off. With the modwheel you can control a LFO. All these possibilities - I am impressed!

    What I would like to point out is that when a preset of a bank is selected, the ADSR settings also change. This may not be remarkable for many, but I have hardly seen this feature on a Decent Sampler instrument!

    I thank alber2000 for this great instrument, which not only sounds good but is also very nice to look at. If you are looking for these CZ-1 sounds you will get the full package here!

    Is alber2000 starting 80s synth sound collection for Decent Sampler? I hope so and I am curious what kind of instrument he will surprise us with next.

    PD Big Brother04 August 2023
  • Take a sip of "slice", straighten your shoulder pads and off the journey goes!

    Eysel d'Mont provides us with 15 different sounds in one sample pack. The GUI is kept simple but visually very appealing, which gives easy and quick access to the most important sound manipulation options you could wish for: ADSR amp envelope control plus single knob reverb, delay and chorus as well as a low-pass filter.

    The sounds are all aimed in one direction but are still diverse, ranging from basses over pads to lead sounds.

    As a small tip for an update or a future Decent Sampler instrument: If the release of the Amp Env is screwed all the way down, some sounds crackle at the end. This can be avoided by setting the possible minimum value for the release not to zero but to 0.05 for example. Apart from this point I didn't notice anything negative and I thank you for this great Decent Sampler instrument!

    If you are looking for sounds for your next retro sci-fi score, then you need to look no further, this sample pack delivers so much!

    ASIMOV02 July 2023