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BRiES’s Reviews

  • Familiar sounding family piano.

    This is just a splendid instrument. It sounds warm and (ever so slightly) out of tune, perfect for capturing the charm of an old family piano. The UI is great as well. Awesome work Melwood!

    Grandmas Piano14 April 2023
  • Soft drums that pack a lot of punch.

    I had just downloaded this sample pack when Jon announced his new elaborate soft sampled drum pack. Even though the pianobook version has a lot less features and sounds I'm not disappointed at all by this small drum sampler pack. In fact the drums, while soft, are anything but lifeless. I really love the character of the sounds and how intimate they feel. Just like the famous soft piano, I think these soft drum sounds are going to be used more and more in the future. Awesome work Jon!

    Soft Drums03 April 2023
  • A splendid virtual Wurli!

    I don't really like the electro-mechanic modeled pianos (inside Ableton for example) so samples make a lot more sense to me. The sounds in this virtual instrument are really good. I love the saturation when you strike the keys a little bit harder. The interface adds a lot of features that the real Wurlitzer doesn't have (speed control for the tremolo/vibrato to name just one). I prefer to leave them in the standard position but if you're keen on tweaking the sound even more this virtual Wurlitzer has got that covered. I really like the sound of the keys themselves, they have an awesome 'ploink' sound that completely unique and which sets it completely apart from a Fender Rhodes.

    I had one of these for a long time. I bought it broken and had planned to get it repaired. Sadly I couldn't find anyone willing to fix it for me so I sold it. I'm still hoping the person that bought it had it fixed up. These pianos are worth it. I'm happy I found such a good quality virtual version.

    Awesome work Daniel!

    WörliTzer03 April 2023
  • A nice little piece of nostalgia.

    This Elephant Xylophone is one big trip down nostalgia lane. The knobs and sliders on the UI are a bit on the smaller side (but it's nice that you can control every single parameter) but once you've set them to a sound that you like (it's the sound that matters the most in my opinion) it's a really clean and useful sample instrument. I think this could get used in anything from a gentle childrens carol to a horror soundtrack and even in an orchestral soundtrack for some nice sprinkles of elephant joy. Nicely done George!

    The Gift14 May 2023