The story

NT: Odyssea v3 is an instrument that can do both organ sounds and dissonant drones or even percussion. It’s inspired by a digital eurorack oscillator by Xaoc Devices called Odessa, which is very good at creating dissonance and bell sounds. I recorded the pure sine output of Odessa (called the fundamental on the physical unit) over a few octaves to stay true to the sampling nature of this platform (pianobook).

With ‘NT: Odyssea’ my focus was on trying to sample a certain workflow by giving the musician a limited amount of control that is a good virtual interpretation of what it’s like to work with the original eurorack oscillator. I spent a few days finetuning the controls to get the most out of the 6 looping samples that this instrument consists of.

The big center knob adds harmonics, turning it to the right creates a brighter sound. I added an ADSR envelope and a section called ‘space’ with controls for a phaser, delay and reverb. It’s possible to add perfect fifths by pressing the knob labeled ‘vcs’. Additionally there’s a gentle low pass filter labeled ‘tone’ that cuts everything above 1000 Hz when you turn it completely to the left. The tension knob creates dissonance by pitch shifting all but the lowest harmonic.





Reviews for Nontemporary Toolbox: Odyssea

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  • Interesting variations around an organ

    I find it quite interesting as an organ with a very original sound to start with, and moreover, many ways to play with the sound. Thank you for this instrument.

    Jaime's Tone04 May 2023
  • Very nice!!

    I love this kind of sounds. From extreme to extreme very versatile. I only hope future versions of DS would include a Filter ADSR cutoff freq and everything else. For this sounds would be very practical. I will use and external filter instead for the moment

    carlosrgzSamplist 04 May 2023