The story

This Cordoba Guilele has been with me for about 10 years. Initially I bought it to take with me on a trip across the globe. The trip got cancelled but I kept this interesting instrument in my collection as it sounds surprisingly full and rich considering the scale length. I have made two other sample packs with this instrument (Sympathetic Guilele and Tremolo Guilele) but I hadn’t captured its beautiful harmonics yet, so there you go.

The Cordoba Guilele was recorded using a Rode NT1 through a Allen & Heath GL2200 console.

The Harmonic Guilele sounds very ethereal, as you would probably expect. It’s great for delicate melodies and short ethereal pads (especially if you increase the attack a bit). Add a bit of reverb to open up the sound even more.

I made a version for Ableton Live 11 (with built in macro controls) and one for Logic’s Sampler.


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