The story

This is a multi-instrument sample pack containing several brass and wind sounds. I used a modular synthesizer to create (as good as possible) life-like imitations of a tuba, a trombone/horns section and a clarinet or flute that I sampled chromatically and with slightly different settings for every note. There’s two velocity layers for every sound to give the user a bit more expressive control over these somewhat stale synthesized sounds.

The brass sounds are synthesized by filtering a saw wave. An LFO (modulated by an envelope) is controlling the filter frequency. This mimics the brassy attack.

The wind instruments are a mix of a filtered square wave with some white noise.

This pack is the result of a study on how to create orchestral sounds with a modular synth. The sounds are probably not very inspiring, but I learned a lot making them and compiling them into a Decent Sampler instrument was educational and inspiring.





Reviews for Nontemporary Toolbox: Bionic Brass&Winds

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  • Bries - Another Great DS multi-instument

    The horn sound makes me feel happy in Bionic Brass&Winds.Bries, please keep the NT collection going in DS format.

    LNW21 April 2023
  • Legend Of Zelda Feel

    I really like the playful feel. To me It is reminiscent of the brass/winds in the video game Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. Fun yet charming feel. Thank you for creating this!

    ZevenZora18 April 2024