The story

My grandmother lived near the sea and when we visited her as children we loved to sit on her lap and play the piano. She had terrible arthritis in her hands and couldn’t play. She is currently in a nursing home and my family had to sell the piano. I recorded it with my iPhone before it was taken away.


Reviews for Grandmas Piano

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  • Love it

    Beautiful, unique piano. Things like this are very useful.

    Monika02 April 2023
  • Familiar sounding family piano.

    This is just a splendid instrument. It sounds warm and (ever so slightly) out of tune, perfect for capturing the charm of an old family piano. The UI is great as well. Awesome work Melwood!

    BRiESSamplist 14 April 2023
  • Beautiful character

    It sounds beautiful. Fpr me it worked better when I used +1 on my 61 key keyboard (so from C2 - C7).. The delay is nice. I didn't like the reverb too much as the dry samples seem to have enough character on their own. The tone I'm liking at like halfway or 3/4ths. Not sure what the Keys parameter is supposed to do.
    Thank you for capturing it, and I hope your grandmother is happy to know that people across the world are playing her piano. Hope she is doing well. Love and hugs.

    Mreenal Mams13 September 2023
  • Amazing

    Beautiful sounding piano, I like how deep and warm those samples are
    Nice work

    George YazbekSamplist 23 March 2023
  • (Grand)ma

    Very nice. Oozes character. The tone is really nice and well recorded. Are the Decent controls custom knobs in which case - great work.