The story

This is a multi-instrument sample pack containing bass notes, lush pads, a plucky sound, tuned texture pads and ambient breathy noises. The concept of this pack is inspired by several Spitfire sample packs, but all the samples are custom sounds created by me over the coarse of several days.

The bass is created using an electric guitar. The pads are a mixture of several synths and voices. Every note is a unique recording. The plucky sounds are a mix of guitar and an airy modular synth patch. The texture pads are created by running an arpeggiated synth through hardware reverbs and delays. The ambient noises are a mix of throaty breath like sounds and a sine wave stretched over 2 octaves.


PS: I’ve upgraded the UI and did some minor tweaks for a v2 of this instrument. The video above was made with NT:AD v1 (but the sounds of v2 are pretty much the same).




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  • Bries - Thank you for sharing this Good DS Multi- instrument

    Bries, I really like Angelic Dramatic, it is both a pleasure to use and listen. Thank you for sharing it to DS users, keep doing what you do.

    LNW21 April 2023