The story

I just finished making the Sympathetic Guilele sample pack for Pianobook and thought to make yet another pack using the Guilele while the recording gear is still set up. Instead of regular picked notes I used meandering ‘tremolo picking’ to create endless repetition without getting repetitive.

The Cordoba Guilele was recorded using a Rode NT1 through a Allen & Heath GL2200 console.

The Tremolo Guilele sounds very nice with a good reverb and when you add a low pass filter that reacts to the velocity the tremolo swarm really starts sounding deep and layered. The low pass filter is packed into the Ableton Live 11 instrument and in the Logic Sampler version I’ve set it up so you just need to activate the first filter and the modulation in the mod matrix to get this extended behaviour. The filter frequency is mapped to the modwheel (reversed: turning up modulation closes the filter). It sounds great for swells.


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