The story

I bought a CZ-1 in 1985, no money to afford a DX-7 🙂

At that time it was the flag ship of the Casio CZ series of phase distorsion synthesizers, with more memory and a 61 keyboard with velocity and after-touch sensitivity.

Now I have sampled and included 64 different presets/patches in this instrument, grouped in 6 banks.

Filter cut-off frequency and resonance can be controlled using CC#7 and CC#11. Cut-off is also affected by each note velocity: higher velocities produce higher cut-off frequencies and vice-versa. This effect can be regulated using F5, G5 and A5 keys.


Reviews for PD Big Brother

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  • Increible

    As with the Samplist´s other contributions, this is made so well and pairs up great sound with a great GUI.

    t704 August 2023
  • Superb

    Many years back a band I was in had a Casio CZ1 - it had a charm of its own. I was hoping to this sample library would help recreate something of that nostalgic vibe - and it certainly does. This is a a very well put together library with some excellent sounds.

    Esc28 October 2023
  • "When you perform, it performs"

    After alber2000's last Decent Sampler instrument "80's Module", which sounds great and has a very appealing GUI, he presents here his next not less impressive project.

    The CZ-1 has been recorded neatly with two notes per octave over 4 octaves and for 64 different presets/patches! The GUI looks great and there is a full amp envelope as well as a delay and reverb directly accessible. But that's not all, you can also control the filter cut-off frequency and resonance via midi control and via key-switches you can determine how much the velocity influences the filter cut-off. With the modwheel you can control a LFO. All these possibilities - I am impressed!

    What I would like to point out is that when a preset of a bank is selected, the ADSR settings also change. This may not be remarkable for many, but I have hardly seen this feature on a Decent Sampler instrument!

    I thank alber2000 for this great instrument, which not only sounds good but is also very nice to look at. If you are looking for these CZ-1 sounds you will get the full package here!

    Is alber2000 starting 80s synth sound collection for Decent Sampler? I hope so and I am curious what kind of instrument he will surprise us with next.

    robergSamplist 04 August 2023
  • nostalgia

    Really great patch.
    "City Gate" reference was nice!

    giantslayer10 March 2024