The story

Inspired by soundtracks of modern sci-fi classics, this collection of synths evokes the nostalgic feel of 80’s sci-fi movies with a modern cinematic sound.

I had been wanting to make my own instruments for some time, but I can’t afford a Kontakt licence so when I found Decent Sampler was a thing. I began learning how to make presets for it, and this is the result. A collection of 15 Synthwave/Retrowave presets with a cinematic touch.

I designed the sounds in Vital and Surge XT and layer them, then process them through different effects.

Each preset has control for Reverb, Delay, Chorus (Which honestly for me sounds more like tape detuning) and Cutoff.

I hope you enjoy it.


Reviews for ASIMOV

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  • Amazing work you've done here!

    I primarily do a lot of synthwave/darksynth/cinematic synth music, so this is perfect! Thanks for doing this and looking forward to the next time you upload some samples!

    OrdisSalutis77704 August 2023
  • A Superb Collection of Synthwave / Retorwave Presets

    This is a great series of synthwave / retrowave presets (I was going to write that I love it, but I saw that another reviewer already post that -- but it's true for me too). Eysel knocked it out of the park with this library. Excellent work.Thank you for sharing it.

    PavlovsCat17 June 2023
  • WoW!

    This instrument is simply great, not simple. Great work! Thank you for sharing

    Matthik21 June 2023
  • Just great

    Lots of great synths and atmosphere in this pack, and very 80s in the best way possible :)

    lassebauer22 December 2023
  • Excelente!!!

    Maravillosa colección de sonidos Retro!!! Muchas gracias!!!

    Atari Beats29 March 2024
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