The story

It was recorded with a large diaphragm microphone (Rode NT2-A) and the samples were put into a Decent Sampler patch, which I originally designed for recorded synthesizer sounds.
Additionally, the sounds of the keys at attack and release were recorded as well, which can be mixed in (three different velocities with 4 roundrobins per velocity).

Many thanks to my brother who let me borrow the Organetta.

I hope someone enjoys this instrument and I appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement for future sample projects.

Decent Sampler Instrument:
Hohner Organetta, polyphonic playable with looping samples. Sustain pedal use possible (CC64).

– Key noises (attack and release)
– Ventilator/Fan Noise (Keys C1 (Start-Up), D1, E1 (Stop))
– Cassette Knob: Resampled Organette recordings can be mixed in (Knob functions as a crossfader and is linked to the Modwheel)
– Velocity Sensitivity Knob
– Portamento Knob
– Lo- and Hi-Pass Filter with Resonance
– ADSR envelope
– Chorus (Mix, Rate, Depth)
– Vibrato (Mix, Rate)
– Tremolo (Pan Amount, Volume Amount, Rate)
– Delay (Mix, Time, Feedback, Stereo Offset)
– Reverb (Mix, Size, Damping)
– Global Pan
– Master Volume

## Release Notes:
– Fix: Due to an update of DS, the LFOs/modulators with modBehavior=”add” and
modBehavior=”multiply” no longer work. Changed to modBehavior=”set”

– Translation table of the crossfader between Organatta-Mic-Recording and Organetta-Cassette-Recording adjusted to remove volume drop in the middle
– Corrected all control label for better use of the “MIDI Learn”-menu

– Bug Fix – Difficulty selecting the controls because they are close together. Solution provided by PHΞN∆KIST.

– New GUI Design
– New FXs (Vibrato and Tremolo)
– Adding Crossfader between Organetta original recordings and resampled recordings on cassette
– Adding fan-/ventilator noise on keys C1 (start-up), D1, E1 (stop) plus dedicated volume knob (idea from Marco Iannello’s Hohner Liliput Instrument)
– Adding Highpass Filter plus Resonance knob
– Adding Global Pan knob
– Adding 6 presets

– In newer versions of the Decent Sampler the response of the filter cutoff by the modulation wheel does not work with the instrument v.1.0. Bug fixed by replacing under the point “MW to FilterCutOff” parameter=”FX_FILTER_FREQUENCY” with parameter=”value”.

– Initial release


Reviews for Organetta – Portable Reed Organ

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  • Versatile Synth Accordion

    Oh man this thing can do a lot. The way that I look at this instrument is it's a synth with an Organetta as the oscillator. You have all the controls you'd want on a synth, Full ADSR, resonant filter, portamento, as well as stereo delay, chorus and reverb. You can get a WIDE range of very usable sounds from this with little effort. The inclusion of blendable key noise adds a nice mechanical touch. There isn't anything i would change

    I'm really excited I have this in my toolkit now, great job!

    Minirehak21224 May 2022
  • A very versatilie Orgametta!

    This is a very well-done instrument, featuring an Organetta, which mostly sounds like a synth-based accordion. In this case, you have tons of options to alter the sound to a good extend, and I believe this makes the instrument really shine. I especially loved the portamendo!

    After blending a few effects together, I created a far-sounding pad with high attack and release, along with a full portamendo patch as a separate instrument for a lead voice. It was simply incredible and unexpectedly good for such an instrument.

    It's also super nice to have it on DecentSampler, completely for free! Cheers!

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022
  • Tacky and Wonderfull

    The Organetta sounds like you would want it to sound... Like an organetta. It is quite brittle and the user interface is really expanded! This will come in handy at some point for sure.

    Thomas23 January 2022
  • More synth than a reed organ

    This one is weird - it's not that interesting as a reed organ. But when you use it as a synth for making various pads and weird synth voices it's very powerful.
    Also this is probably the best GUI on this site.

    SeverákSamplist 20 December 2023
  • It starts as Organetta, it ands as synth...

    While it can absolutely sounds as an old and cheap portable organ, I found that Organetta offer its best when you start twaking it's many controls: It keep its vintage sound but evolves too in never-heard-before pads and leads.

    garubiSamplist 16 April 2024