The story

Many know the atmospheric, metallic and somehow magical sound of a pandrum mainly from buskers. A good friend of mine got a pandrum as a present for his wedding. After several attempts we finally managed to arrange a recording session. Now the sound of his pandrum can travel around the world, even if he doesn’t start a career as a street musician.

## About the sampling process

The pandrum was played once by hand and once with mallets. The recording was done from three microphone positions (top, bottom and overhead). Two velocity layers with three round robins each were recorded.

The pandrum is tuned in the F Akebono scale:
F3, Bb3, C4, C#4, F4, F#4, Bb4, C5

## About the virtual instrument

The download includes two DS instruments and 15 presets.

The “PANDRUM simple” GUI is dedicated exclusively to the sound of a pandrum. Once the pandrum has been played by hands and once by malltes, these two options can be selected. This simple GUI is for all people who are just in the need of the sound of a pandrum.
The second instrument (“PANDRUM explorer”) has a GUI with many options that allow you to explore the possibilities of sound design. Besides different effects, you also have the possibility to choose different sounds and mix them. These sounds are the result of manipulating the original pandrum samples (stretching, grain- and other Fx etc.). In addition, simple waveforms can be mixed in. This GUI also allows you to create a pandrum swarm (the modwheel controls the speed).

PANDRUM simple:
– Two different playing styles: Hand or mallets
– Amp envelope with attack and release
– Low pass filter
– Delay mix and delay time
– Reverb mix and reverb size
– Master volume

PANDRUM explorer:
– Two different playing styles: Hand or mallets
– Volume and pan for three microphone positions: Top, bottom and overhead
– Volume and pan for two “Creative Layers”: Choose between different sample sets of manipulated pandrum samples (stretched, reversed, grain- and other fx) and basic wave forms (square, saw, triangle). Pitch of the samples can be adjusted from +1 oct to -1 oct.
– Sub sine: Volume control and pitch can be adjusted from +2 oct to -1 oct.
– Timbre/Swarm: A variation of the samples of the pandrum and the “Creative Layers” can be selected and mixed in using the modwhell. Here you can also select the swarm option (modwheel controls speed) or choose one of three transform patches (modwheel moves through several predefined sample sets). The pitch of the samples can be adjusted from +1 oct to -1 oct.
– Low- and high pass filter with resonance
– Two LFOs (LFO 1: Pitch and global volume, LFO 2: Lowpass filter cutoff and global pan).
– Fx (Chorus: Mix, depth, rate. Phaser: Mix, depth, rate, center frequency. Delay: Mix, time, feedback, stereo offset. Reverb: Mix, size, damping).

## Thanks to:
Merci viel mol Ueli für ds sampla mit aschlüssendem bier vor em stall in dr sunna!

Many thanks to Mats Granström for testing and feedback on this instrument!

## Release Notes:
– Fix: Due to an update of DS, the LFOs/modulators with modBehavior=”add” and
modBehavior=”multiply” no longer work. Changed to modBehavior=”set”

– Initial release


Reviews for Pandrum

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  • Awesome DS instrument, one of the best

    When I was able to use this, it was brilliant, inspirational and sounded great, however had to redownload and found the link to be short, everytime I download the site reads 893mb, but the link just brings up 851mb, even after unpacking the samples are nearly all missing, could someone take a look and fix the file link please!

    leptonquark08 September 2023
  • A nice first version!

    Hi, thanks a lot for this new instrument. I like the idea and the basic sound that it provides. I would personally have preferred more keys/pluck sounds and less pads, as they are more fit to what I do. I was interested in the first 2-3 sounds (/presets) but then got a little disappointed with the rest. I am not in cinematic music, this may well suit better other people. As this is called v1, maybe the author could consider a v2 with more keys / lead sounds? That would be great, for me at least. Also, I tried to manipulate the various options but could not really hear a big difference. Maybe I am not doing it right?

    Jaime's Tone26 May 2023