The story

A change of apartment is imminent and while looking through and arranging my music equipment, the Stylophone S1 (remake of the original from the 70s) fell into my hands, which I got as a gift from my brother years ago (thanks again!).
The result is a sample instrument that is in no way special, but if the sound of a Stylophone is good enough for David Bowie (Space Oddity), it certainly is for me.

Two types of Instruments are included:
One is a classically inspired instrument where the speaker output has been recorded and which, like the original, is only playable monophonically. The other type is a polyphonic playable sample instrument with recordings from the headphone output with ADSR envelope, filters, chorus, phaser, delay and reverb. For this type of instrument are some presets included in the download.

I hope someone enjoys this instrument and I appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement for updates or future sample projects.

Decent Sampler Instrument:

Two different types:

1. Recorded lineout audio (mode 1-3, without/with vibrato), polyphonic playable with looping samples. Sustain pedal use possible (CC64).
– Two voices:
– Mode 1-3 (without/with vibrato)
– One of the modes can be choosen by a dropdown menu.
– Sub Voice (Mode 1 with Hi-Cut and Bass Boost)).
– Low-pass and High-pass filter
– Velocity Sensitivity Knob
– Portamento Knob
– ADSR envelope
– Chorus (Mix, Rate, Depth)
– Phaser (Mix, Rate, Depth)
– Tremolo (Rate and Pan-Depth/Volume-Depth)
– Delay (Mix, Time, Feedback)
– Reverb (Mix, Size, Damping)
– Master Volume

2. Classic speaker sound (mode 1 without vibrato), monophonic playable. Recording of the speaker output with condenser microphone.Percussive sound of the stylus on the ribbon keyboard can be mixed in (5 x round robin, 3 velocitylayers plus slipping noises when playing legato). Looping samples. Sustain pedal use possible (CC64).

### Version Release Notes
– Fix: Due to an update of DS, the LFOs/modulators with modBehavior=”add” and
modBehavior=”multiply” no longer work. Changed to modBehavior=”set”

– GUI update
– Sub Voice: New pitch options
– Adding FXs (phaser and tremolo)
– Removed stereo offset control of the delay-effect
– Adding highpass filter plus resonance knob
– Adding global pan knob
– Presets updated

– Change of name to “Stylotone”.
– GUI update of the sample instrument with the lineout recordings:
– All three voices (each with/without vibrato) are choosable by a dropdown menu.
– Sub Voice: a fifth down added. Now octave down or fifth down can be choosen by a dropdown menu.
– New background Image for better readability.
– New layout and color scheme of the controls.

– Added Presets
Atleast one presets in each of the following categories: Bass, Keys, Lead, Pad, Plucks (some have a phaser instead the chorus).

– Bugfix:
In newer versions of the Decent Sampler the response of the filter cutoff by the modulation wheel does not work with the instrument v.1.0. Bug fixed by replacing under the point “MW to FilterCutOff” parameter=”FX_FILTER_FREQUENCY” with parameter=”value”.

– Initial release


Reviews for Stylotone

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Huge Sound, Little Synth

    WOW this is wonderful! It's funny how retro and modern it sounds at the same time. The UI is easy to navigate without being too cluttered. Plenty of controls to dial in a wide range of tones. I didn't expect to love the speaker sound as much as I do. Overall great synth!

    Minirehak21224 May 2022
  • Retro game feels!

    This is a fantastic little instrument that you will definitely love if you like those old JRPG-like games. It's wonderfully made and it gives you a lot of options both as presents and on the GUI itself. I love it!

    Similar to Roberg's other instrument, Hohner Organetta, you will also find a very cool Glide-Portamendo knob that I am so into. Lovely job, great work, and all that for free since it's made for DecentSampler!

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022
  • 8-Bit haven!

    It sounds quite nice and it captures the feel of the stylophone quite nicely as well. I do however think that the UI is a bit clunky and that the starting pack isn't as nice, as I personally think without reverb it sounds better. Still really well done and I am probably going to use this for a game-score in the future because of its 8-bit like sound

    Snake24 May 2022