MTTR – Metal Test Tube Rack

Tuned metallic bell-like sound of a test tube rack. Sampler Instrument ranges from glockenspiel to pad with an expanded user interface and 6 presets.......

The story

I often have metal test tube racks in my hands at work and I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful metallic bell-like sound of them.

Finally, I have now recorded samples: Three finger slapped Round Robin recordings and three hits with a guitar plectrum.

Besides the possibility to mix the two different attack sounds (“Light” and “Dark”), stretched and reversed samples can be added. In addition, the modwheel CC01 offers the possibility to mix in an even brighter timbre with slight saturation and a slightly wider stereo spread of the samples (“Dynamics”). Which samples are mixed in using this option can be selected via a dropdown menu.
The Decent Sampler instrument offers a low- and hi-pass filter, ADSR amp envelope, glide/portamento control and the possibility to adjust the velocity sensitivity of the instrument.
Also there is the possibility to modulate/enrich the sound with chorus, delay and reverb.

I wish a lot of fun and I am looking forward to feedback for improvement or for further sample projects.

Decent Sampler Instrument:
Tuned metallic bell-like sound of a test tube rack, polyphonic playable.
Sustain pedal use possible (CC64). Default preset plus five others.

– Volume Mixer with 4 different Sample-Groups («Light», «Dark», «Stretch», «Reverse»)
– «Dynamics»: Extended sonic characteristics using ModulationWheel (CC01) or «Dynamics»-Knob . Select used samples via drop-down menu
– Lo-Pass und Hi-Pass Filter
– Velocity Sensitivity Knob
– Portamento Knob
– ADSR Envelope
– Chorus Mix, Rate, Depth
– Delay Mix, Time, Feedback
– Reverb Mix, Size
– Master Volume

Decent Sampler Version 1.4.0 is needed to use this instrument!


Reviews for MTTR – Metal Test Tube Rack

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  • Ethereal textures!

    This is a wonderfully made instrument that gives you many different sounds in a very small package. The 6 different presets offer completely different sounds, including mallets and pads, and they all seem to be very nicely made. I especially like the portamento option, it's very well done and you can set the speed as well. There is a nice dropdown menu that allows you to slightly alter the sound or to completely reverse it. Very interesting and inspiring for sure!

    As a slightly weird thing that I've seen only in a very small amount of instruments, in the mallet instruments (patches 1 and 2) the (actual) dynamics are not controlled by the velocity, but by the modwheel, which is a little frustrating in programming, but it sounds good either way.

    Alex Raptakis20 March 2022