dekoningtan’s Reviews

  • This is the hammered dulcimer I've been looking for.

    I love the sound of dulcimers and I've been on the lookout for different ones for about 2 years. I found some I like, some even that I love, but this one I REALLY love.
    Recording quality = superb.
    The instrument itself just also has a wonderful tone and the use of different mics and the effects make it a magical, easy to use out of the box kind of instrument. Will definitely feature this in one of my songs! Bravo.

  • What a lovely sound!

    This instrument is very well wide and encompassing. It has a lovely sound and you can tell that Sage really put thought and effort into crafting this beautiful sound. Well done. Love it.

    Tri-Timbral Flocks17 July 2022
  • I can't believe it is even bigger...

    Bro, the original was already amazing and now this add-ons make it even more spectacular. This was really wonderful. Great work, expect a tip soon!

  • Really neat and atmospheric instrument!

    I really enjoy using all the different knobs to craft the sound for this instrument. It has a lot of moody elements and changing the parameters really brings out the different vibes the instrument can give! My only criticism is that the instrument has some knobs that have awkward placing and can be hard to see/find.

    Submarine20 July 2022
  • A unique instrument

    Personally I like the normal playing of this the best (as keys, not bowed) because I believe it brings out the most of what the instrument is for and sounds the most authentic. That being said, the bowed version is a nice addition to it, I just personally don't like the sound as much (bias). I do like the tremolo quite a lot!

    Bulbul Tarang28 May 2022