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After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to bring the second half of the Wildmother’s Dulcimer into Pianobook!

This collection is a healthy extension of the first. Like the first set of patches, it presents a mix of standard articulations with deep integrity and aleatoric, performative patches that achieve textures and colours impossible to otherwise program with MIDI.

This project was very near and dear to me and I hope you get even a fraction of that joy in putting this library to use <3

Included patches:
Hammer and Trem Combo (employs the sustain pedal for seamless articulation switching)
Plucked Harmonics
Bowed Tremolo
Cedar Splatterpaint
Meadow Chimes
Woodpecker (bonus percussion patch using the mallets on the body of the dulcimer)

Making Music With the Wildmother's Dulcimer


Reviews for The Wildmother’s Dulcimer Vol. II

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  • The perfect sequel doesn't exi....

    Oh yes it does, and this is definitely it. Hunter has managed to create an incredible instrument, and an equally amazing and captivating second part. I am unable to comprehend the amount of work that has been done to this series, because everything is impeccable. The sounds, the design, the variety, or even the damn name of choice! ~ Everything is simply amazing, a true Pianobook Hall-of-Fame instrument.

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022
  • Very good!

    As a music video/song making creator for youtube, I have an idea of the time it must have taken you to get this from an idea to a finished product. I have a beautiful hammered dulcimer that I love, but what you have done here is so far beyond the scope of the dulcimer itself. I can tell you this, you are special. So is this expansion pack!

    BirdLegs22 November 2022
  • Excellent Second Part

    Hunter has really outdone himself here and given us Volume 2 of an already perfect library. What is even more surprising is that this one is even bigger than the first one. This time there are 7 patches in total. Some of these are short articulations and others can be played like a pad. All of it sounds fantastic and is superbly sampled. I think my favorite patch is Cedar Splatterpaint. I can't recommend this enough, hurry up and get both volumes!

    AndromedaX824 September 2022
  • Heavenly

    Truly an instrument for angels to play and gave you the mission to make it terrestrial, which you did superbly!

    Khobe19 March 2022
  • The perfect sequel to the wildmother story.

    Brilliant concept and beautiful to write with! For me, the performance patches (Cedar Splatterpaint and meadow chimes) are super inspiring. The movement in the performances really give it life and character - well done! I'm very much looking forward to seeing/hearing what else you come up with :)

    Mic Burns23 March 2022
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