The Wildmother’s Dulcimer

A hammered dulcimer evoking forests and glades with evocative aleatoric playing as well as deeply-sampled standard articulations...

The story

This particular hammered dulcimer means quite a lot to me. It has a focused warmth that surprises me every time I drop it into a mix (I’ve remarked to anyone who will listen that, every time I track it, I never bother processing it—it always just sits).

So I’ve stood by that ideology and left these samples entirely untouched, but please please mix them to your liking!

I spent a great deal of time capturing multiple layers and RR’s for the standard articulations, but the real magic lies in the swaths of aleatoric playing which I hoped would evoke the natural world as this dulcimer often does for me when I’m playing it. The aim, while recording, was to capture textures that would be impossible to program with MIDI.

To boot, I’ve crafted some custom IR’s for those aleatoric patches using the sounds of wind, rain, and rustling leaves that, when blended to taste, can create something really special without ever leaving the GUI.

Each patch makes use of 3 mixable mic positions. A close XY pair of small condenser microphones, a stereo room signal, and a mono mic signal from far off at the end of a hallway.

To start off, I’m putting about half of the patches here on Pianobook. These include:

Electromagnetic Mahogany
Ten-Billion Butterflies
Dripping Branches

The Wildmother's Dulcimer | Sample Library Walkthrough


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  • Another Gem

    Hunter is on a roll with his sampled instruments, each and every one is a gem.

    If you need a Dulcimer this is a great place to start and I doubt you will be disappointed.

    lfo2vco15 February 2022
  • Truly Mystical instrument

    I have several projects going that this instrument will fit into perfectly. Only just started playing it and it's already one of my favorite Pianobook downloads. Thanks for you thoughtful and musical contribution.

    ddailey29 January 2022
  • Daniel Licht Would've Been Proud

    A well sampled, beautiful dulcimer that is exactly the tone that inspires me to create music akin to one of my most dear inspirations - Daniel Licht - composer of Dexter and Dishonored. Truly high quality, 100% worth the download. This shouldn't be free, but it is. & Until the creator realizes their work deserves money, I guess grab it. Support them how you can :)

    SadBardVibes22 February 2022
  • Inspiring

    Sounds awesome can not wait to put it to good use I owe it to Mr Rogerson

    Jordan05 March 2022
  • The hunter strikes again!

    I so much wanted to see the hunter himself at creating something other than percussion instruments. And damn he does not disappoint. This is an incredibly well made instrument, that comes with many extras for the user to play around. All patches are bundled in one of the most beautiful GUI designs I've seen in general, even outside Pianobook.

    I would just recommend bringing the volume a little bit down from within Kontakt, because if you go hard on it, you might get some clipping going on. Nevertheless, this is absolutely stunning work!

    Alex Raptakis30 January 2022
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