The story

I was on vacation in a secluded hotel I came across these large Chinese-style earthen tables and stools. As one of the few guests there, I was allowed to make a little more noise than usual and spent a little time finger tapping on these earthenware tables. To my surprise, their hollow insides provided ample resonance and I released they sounded a bit like ancient tuned percussion instruments. My mind immediately leapt back to my childhood where I played Age of Empires and I remembered the synth versions of drums that were in the soundtrack to that. I was inspired… could these ceramic tables and stools be an instrument? That night, I went out to record the tables with my phone. The crickets and cicadas were rather loud, I managed to quieten their sounds, but I wanted to keep them in there a little as an ambient sound with the instrument to give it a unique quality. There were many tables and chairs to record, but unfortunately not all the samples were usable. Through some clever effects in Reason my DAW I managed to get the best tone out of the tables and stools and that has become The Tables! I hope you find them useful as an percussive texture in your music.

How I made a VST out of some ceramic tables I found on vacation... Introducing the Tables!


Reviews for The Tables

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  • Very good

    I expected a bit something else but this definitely finds place among my libraries.

    jurbanek23 February 2022
  • Inspiring, earthy textures

    I didn't know what to expect when I downloaded this library, but I am pleasantly surprised. I find the sounds quite inspiring (especially the low to mid-range sounds) and unique and the GUI allows you to really shape the sound. I look forward to using this as a backdrop for my Native American style flutes!

    Brandon15 January 2022
  • Quirky pitched percussion

    If you are into exploring weird percussive sounds, this instrument will definitely fall under that category. It features a percussive mallet-like sound, that comes with a pitch-swiping reverb and some other effects that can make it more interesting. The recording quality is good, and the panning is set from left to right, according to how you play (low to high).

    There is a small issue when it comes to response, since there is a very noticable delay from when you press the key to when you get the sound, but that won't be a problem in programming, since you can easily set an offset delay in most DAWs.

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022