The story

20 years ago, before I owned a Dobro, I borrowed and sampled this instrument with the intention of creating a GigaStudio instrument..Finally, now available for Kontakt!

The instrument contains three basic articulations: slide up, slide down, normal as well as open strings. The lowest note is E1. I find it’s easier to draw the velocities in a DAW as opposed to playing them live on the keyboard. Perhaps your keyboard skills are better than mine!

Please enjoy.


Reviews for 1937 Dobro

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  • KUDOS!

    Awesome plugin! Keep that awesome work going! I hope to be able to record and sample some items that I can grab hold of soon........

    AnsonFClef18 May 2022
  • Simply brilliant

    This dobro really has a great sound and is very easy to play.
    Its simplicity really is what makes this instrument excellent, and Steve really did not need to do much to make it sound great in its virtual form.
    The UI may be virtually non-existent, but personally I see no need for it, given the intention of the instrument.

  • Good for programming singles

    In case you were looking for a dobro with slide articulations in order to add just a few in your score, this might do that just right. The three articulations are controlled by velocity, which makes the instrument very hard to perform on, but also extremely convenient when it comes to programming.

    The interface won't offer you any other options, except for the CC1 bound to an internal volume setting. Be sure to lower it a little bit though because by default it's very loud!

    Alex Raptakis21 May 2022
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