Sounds from the Kitchen Vol 2: Drinking Glass

Glass Bells made from a drinking glass...

The story

I was visiting my family in Rome, Italy, over Christmas 2019, and I decided to sample one of the drinking glasses my mum has in her kitchen, with the idea of turning it into something unconventional, for a glass, at least!
I recorded myself hitting the glass with my fingernail into my trusty H1n and obtained 3 different samples: piano, mezzoforte, and forte. I imported the samples in ProTools, normalised and time-stretched them. I applied a good amount of plate reverb to them, as well. This processing is what made the Glass Bells.

For the Glassy Evolutions, I grabbed the forte sample, created a copy of it that I reversed, and then combined the original and reversed samples together. I applied the Crystallizer from SoundToys to create the “evolutions”, and again some plate reverb.


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  • Noisy and the evolutions don't work properly

    The glass patches are kind of interesting but they both suffer from noise. The sequencer on the Evolutions patch just brakes after you introduce a second note, synce they don't sync together. This happenes in most Pianobook instruments that try to include a sequencer/arpeggiator though, but I don't know why. Both the patches are not that dynamic, and personally they didn't inspire me that much.

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021
  • Nice Sound From The Kitchen

    Another nice sound from the kitchen. This one is great for creating ambiences. Layer with other sounds for a nice soundscape. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021