The story

Hearing the fireworks going off during Guy Fawkes’ Night gave me the idea of recording them and create a sort of percussion kit with those fireworks recordings.
My Zoom H1n proved once again very useful for accomplishing the task at hand, and I recorded quite a few sounds of explosions, whooshes, etc., holding it out of my studio window to capture the explosive mayhem.
The challenge of producing the final samples was coming to terms with the fast tremolo like characteristic of the explosions, some of the samples feature that, and that could be either very irritating or spark creativity!

Reviews for Epic Fireworks

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  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • New and inspirational!

    Very interesting!!! Never thought of the firework library. It can be used for many music I think. Wonderful inspiration and ideas!

    Asuka Amane20 October 2021
  • Freworks!

    Very interesting!

    Caift15 October 2021
  • Maybe it's a Drum

    Wonderful instrument to use. Can't Fault the GUI. I can see myself using this somewhere. It leaves you wanting more though.

    Ray26 October 2021
  • A truly extraordinary drumkit made of fireworks

    I love how cool this is, I thought I have seen the most extraordinary drumkits already, but this really takes the cake. In terms of sampling, the sounds are alright, they would work as really nice foley. The cool thing is, it really has that character of traditional fireworks, which I love. The patch has low, low mid, mid, and high hits, with the addition of some whooshes, all based on firework recordings. They sound quite organic. Overall it's an awesome library and I would recommend anyone to check it out!

    BenBerkenbosch25 September 2022
  • Very unique explosive percussion

    These sound really cool and unique, while i can't see myself using these often, i still think they sound come in handy. Theres a nice collection of sounds here, some long and some shorter. They are reminiscent of fireworks but also kind of sound like weird foley percussion. I think these would work great for layering ontop of more defined and punchy drums to create a weird and cool effect. The GUI could be cooler by not using the kind of stock Kontakt knobs but its still very well done

    septemberwalk27 October 2021
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