The story

I had received a very creative brief from one of the music publishers I work with, requesting “left-of-centre” tracks, for which I decided to record a few notes played out of tune and on the bridge of a practice violin.
The notes I sampled did retain a base pitch, but they were wavering and very unstable as per my request, which made them perfect to create sounds for the aforementioned brief.
I then decided to create a sample library with 4 versatile patches, pads that can be played like keys, too, by manipulating the controls in the user interface.
The raw, unprocessed recordings make up one of the patches, but can still be manipulated in real time by using the provided controls.
Last, but not least, one of the patches was manipulated to became a very versatile synth-like instrument that does not sound like a violin at all.

Reviews for Raw Violin

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  • Love Marco's Work

    As always, great work! Gotta download and try all his sample packs for sure.

    Zack.abasi15 October 2023