The story

In March 2023, A Norwegian mate of mine was working in a sewer and he recorded a video of a stream of water coming down of the ceiling. In the video one could hear a distinctively metallic pulse going on and stopping after 15/20 seconds. Both sound sources are featured in this pack.
The metallic pulse became a loop and depending upon the register it is played it can sound more smeared or became like a hi-hat loop.
The flowing water from the ceiling became an organ-like pad, starting very soft and growing up to very loud.
Many thanks to Soundchef for implementing the layer crossfading for the Water Organ in the Decent Sampler version of the instrument.

Reviews for Sewers

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  • I was instantly in love

    I love experimenting with sound, because inspiration can slap you across the face anytime, anywhere. Well, that's what this sample pack did to me. I LOVE that there are multiple ways to really tweak and dial in these sounds, beyond the normal standard. What a cool idea for an instrument. I love it!

    Mr. M-Bag24 June 2023
  • Sine Wave Sweetness

    The water organ makes for a sweet, clean sounding sine wave and the gate sequencer gives some extra functionality to it - but I would love a gate AMOUNT nob added in order to blend the gate into the sound.
    The saturator also adds a very pleasant distortion to it with a lot of character too.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't a great fan of the pulse which lacked a GUI and it felt like the sample was popping, plus you can hear the loop.

    I love the idea but wish it executed with a bit more love.