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On 31st March 2020, I challenged the Pianobook community to submit a note or sample, be it a household object, voice or instrument, to the hashtag #dkisolationcollaboration. There were over 200 submissions, and the resultant library ‘Isolation Collaboration’ has been one of my favourite projects to date — bringing harmony to a chaotic time!

In the original instrument, there are four sound worlds: Soft Burbles, Short Pulses, Weightless Atmospheres and Rough Edges. Split into 28 second(!) notes, IC was built to inspire creativity out of the randomness of it all. But you might want more control.

Isolation Collaboration: Extras gives you access to those sound worlds on their own. Each patch has its own unique colour palette but works beautifully together, as demonstrated by the original library. The Exp knob now controls just the volume of the group. Use the Mod Wheel or your own Learned MIDI CC to adjust this.

For those of you creating your own versions, the samples have been designed to fade easily so no specific loop settings will be necessary to get your instruments up and running. In my version, I have stretched each sample down by 1 octave from the root note. If you do decide to make alternative versions, please do share them with me or via the Pianobook site for others to enjoy too!

For more information on Isolation Collaboration: Extras, check out my walkthrough tutorial below:

Reviews for Isolation Collaboration: Extras

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  • Inspiration
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  • Simple and smooth, yet very characteristic texture

    I love all the sample libraries from DK! This one also have perfectly pad-like sounds which go well with various projects. Very delicate texture. GUI is also very simple and beautiful.

    Asuka Amane15 October 2021
  • Continuation of one my favorites

    I already left a long review on the original instrument and my feelings about this one are the same. Extremely creative, fun, exciting and beautiful. The random little sounds popping up are so nice. Each of the four pads offer a unique sound with unique textural noises happening throughout. I think ive given 5/5 to 98% of Dans submissions

    septemberwalk09 November 2021
  • Still Beautiful But More Control

    This is a great addition to the first library. The sound worlds you could create with the first edition were truly mesmerizing, but you didn't have much control over the sounds. This second part gives you the four different layers of the first library as separate pads. I really like that because it makes it much more flexible. You can now combine these pads any way you like or use them on their own. I also like that the GUI shows a nice fitting background for each of the pads. Overall a stellar package.

    AndromedaX825 September 2022
  • Yes! Just as good, but now even better.

    I'm so glad Dan gave us these. As much as I loved the original version I feel it's so much more flexible, useful and easy to use like this. Maybe it's just me because I'm hard of thinking but I absolutely love having these separated out. My absolute fave is "Soft Burbles" - but that's today. Tomorrow it will probably be another :-D

    Mark Lord06 December 2021
  • Simple but beautiful

    Dan's work here is outstanding. These 4 patches are simply beautiful and programmed very well. The use of the MW is great and in the case of the Rough Edges patch add real character to the sound of the instrument. Nice work!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
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