Space Voices

Humming and whistling that will propel you a few light years away from our planet...

The story

One night, my 22 year old stepson came to me, as he wanted to show something. Little did I know I was about to experience something extraordinary! He happily and eagerly described what I was about to experience, and, after finishing his description, he started humming and whistling at the same time, I was astonished! His sound had a Tuvan/Mongolian, Norse throat singing quality to it, and it did not take long for me to think that I would love to make a sample library out of that.
Next weekend, I recorded him doing a few different versions and takes of his “hum whistling” vocal technique, using my trusty Shure SM58. I de-noised the samples and applied a few effects, like Crystallizer, Little Alter Boy, and Little Plate.
The end result is such that it will propel you a few light years away from our planet!


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  • Warm, and little spooky vocal sound

    A little spooky sound of choir. It would be interesting to use it if mixed with other choir libraries!!

    Asuka Amane20 October 2021
  • Great sci-fi Pads

    This sample packs offers up two great sci-fi pads. They are organic and playable, and pretty instantly usable. There's only the default GUI, so you will have to go digging if you'd like to alter the envelope. Even so, these sounds present a lot of possibilities!

    Sam Ecoff20 October 2021
  • Sci-fi all the way

    While this instrument seems very minimal, you will be surprised of how much it can offer. Each of the two patches offered is unique, and will do great justice to most sci-fi scenarios, especially if they are inspired by the 80s. This is not meant to be played as a lead instrument though. Think of it more like a drone, with A LOT of character. I'd love some ADSR controls, but other than the modwheel acting as a filter, there is nothing else. With that said, this is a very, very nicely done instrument. Well done!

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • A must-have addition to sci-fi sound libraries

    This instrument has two patches: Solar Choir, which contains some amount of recognizable human-like voices, but with a lot of extra sounds; and Vocal Probes, which is much more untangible and very otherworldly. Both patches are limited in use but at the same time perfect for adding some sci-fi/space feel to your tracks.

    peterlepahin13 October 2021