The story

Ninfa is my mother’s cat, they both live in Rome and I finally visited them over Christmas 2022, after 3 years of absence due to lockdown and COVID.
Ninfa is feisty and adorable and with age she has become very vocal, particularly when she is hungry or wants to be brushed, and that meant that I had to record her insistent meows and purrs and create a sample library out of those.
If you love cats this is the perfect pack for you, but if you do not or prefer dogs, I believe you will still be able to manipulate the sounds to your heart’s contents and use them in your music production.

Reviews for Ninfa

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  • Cat-astrophic (in a good way!)

    I was expecting cute cat noises and twee, silly mews and meows. What I got was a very usable set of instruments.
    Not all to my tastes, but the 'Stretched Cat' patch is frankly terrifying and perfect for the album of cinematic drones I'm currently writing!
    Grazie, Marco

    Toby James Music15 April 2023