The story

One day I was wondering: “There are already so many great pianos on Pianobook. What’s something different I can provide with my currently limited options?” So I started to think. Later, I came up with the idea to record samples with the same note (for example C) played across multiple octaves in a sort of tremolo-fashion. The interesting part about this, is that you get a small performance in the sample itself. Which makes it very lively in my opinion.

Since I currently don’t have any proper recording gear, the recordings where done on 2 phones to still get a stereo sound. Now, before you click away, I’ve done as much as I can to still get a decent quality sound, with eliminating as much noise in the room and a bit of processing afterwards with iZotope RX. Some small noises still make it through, but I think that adds a bit of a realism.

The result was really nice when I first put it together. Because I didn’t play on a specific tempo while recording, all these interesting arpeggios and textures started to appear when playing chords. Truly a magical experience! I hope you enjoy as well!

Some more technical details:

Piano: Yamaha B3E PE
Type: Upright
Mics: 2 Phone microphones

Due to the samples containing multiple octaves, the range is a bit more limited than a regular piano, I hope this doesn’t bother you.


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  • An exemplary work - straight in my piano collection

    A few months ago I tried something similar by making some sort of swarm and it didn't really turn out that great but this is truly an awesome tool that I will certainly use in my future compositions.

    well done !!!

    RubenofficialSamplist 30 March 2022
  • A fantastic addition to my collection!

    Whilst chaotic, flow piano offers a sense of crazy goodness that can bring elements of my tracks to life.

    wade_smith29 March 2022
  • Swarming Charming

    That's really cool. Probably has limited use, like any swarm-like library, but the piano sounds crisp and the effect is awesome. Could certainly come in handy somewhere.

    SynchrotonesSamplist 21 June 2022
  • A beautiful octave piano swarm

    This is a very nice octave-based swarm piano that sounds phenomenal, and it's paired with a very well designed GUI that features just a delay and reverb knob. The playable range is 4 octaves long, though I'd definitely shift it an octave up on the keybed, but that's a personal preference that many keyboards change with a push of a button. It is not too dynamic, but the swarmish playstyle is well executed and overall it is very impressive!

    Alex Raptakis04 April 2022