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This may be the best library I’ve ever made, it contains everything from plucks to pads and even a piano. The inspiration came from a rainy day where I was playing with my CS 80 vst. Not too long before that day my friend gave me some samples of his piano which didn’t sound too good from the start but with a few tweaks they were showing their own magic. I hope you enjoy the library to its fullest potential and if you liked it be sure to leave a follow.

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  • A Full Toolkit, Very Dreamy

    I love this library! It's like a little toolbox. The piano is lovely and has a very interesting tail. I love all the options there are on each instrument. It really takes you places.
    My favourite patch is Flights - sounds like a dreamy organ.
    You can find everything you need in this toolset - from piano to some interesting synths and pads.
    Well done Rubenofficial.

    Andrea GiordaniSamplist 24 February 2022
  • Amazing sounds with great character!

    Six different, and incredible and high quality patches to get inspired by, featuring deep and lush sounds that can get you to places. Highly recommended!

    As a small note, after playing way too much with the #2 patch I found something odd. Some notes like B3 and A#3 will suddenly drop the main "voices" after a few seconds of holding them down, though some others don't do that at all. Funny enough, the voice that stays sounds fantastic and I'd love to have that by itself on a different patch! I loved that patch in general.

    The ensembles sound amazing as well, and while not having any GUI available, you still have the ModWheel :)

    Alex Raptakis14 March 2022
  • Fantastic Ambient Toolkit

    This is a really lovely library with 6 different patches. You get a piano, a piano pad and 4 pad like patches. The piano in this library sounds really great with a lot of ambiance build in. It's not the most responsive piano but it instantly creates a beautiful, dreamy atmosphere and I really enjoy playing it. All of the pads in this library sound fantastic too and there is a lot of movement in the samples. Overall this is a wonderful toolkit for ambient and minimal music and I would highly recommend it.

    AndromedaX823 September 2022
  • Atmospheric Machine

    You did a great job here. All of the presented presets are lovely and have their own unique character. Automating the lowpass filter allows the instrument to evolve.

    It would be nice to be able to midi map some controls in your DAW. It's actually pretty simple just add two lines set_control_par(lowpass, CONTROL_PAR_AUTOMATION_ID, 0) then set_control_par_str(lowpass, CONTROL_PAR_AUTOMATION_NAME, "Lowpass Filter"). I also think all of the patches could be compiled into a single NKI and then use a random number generator to randomly trigger different samples. Load the samples into multiple groups, then use a random number generator in the on_note block to randomly trigger different sounds. This would add some unpredictability to the the instrument.

    I know this is more info than you want, but it just goes to show how great these recordings are. This instrument creates a rich atmosphere! This is a great sample library that has so much potential.

    Owen BoligSamplist 22 February 2022
  • Short and Sweet review.

    Nice work! Love the Piano Pad. One of my favorites.

    AwesomePLC02 March 2022
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