Spring Chimes

14 bells and mallets Pianobook sample packs united into one instrument...

The story

There is strength in numbers. This instrument is the result of an experiment: layering 14 Pianobook bells and mallets sample packs together. The qualities of each sample pack are stacking up to create a new kind of “super” instrument.

To improve the playability and make it feel like a real group of players performing their instrument in the same room, a couple of tricks were used:
– Instruments were panned across the stereo field,
– Velocity was linked to volume, in order to have less instruments playing at low velocity to create a gradual set of velocity layers,
– A bit of random delay latency for every track, to get a loose “humans playing together” sensation,
– A bit of compression, a bit of EQ, a bit of room impulse reverb, just to glue everything together, it is more about feeling it than hearing it.

After a lot of trials and errors to get the right balance between all these parameters, 6 instruments were created:
01 Ensemble,
02 Half Section Soft: Only the mellow and soft instruments,
03 Half Section Bright: Only the sharpest and brightest instruments,
04 Blooming: half of the instruments playing randomly the note and the note one octave up,
05 Rainfall: all the instruments playing randomly the note, more crowded,
06 Spring Pads: 6 pad signals created with samples from the previous patches.

Due to the collaborative nature of this project, this sample pack is published on the official Pianobook account, so if you download and enjoy this instrument please consider a donation to our fundraiser:


Available for Kontakt 6.7+ and DecentSampler.

Original idea and DecentSampler version: Frédéric Poirier
Kontakt version developer: Owen Bolig

Using samples from: Dan Keen – Frozen Glock, Conner Sawchuk – Vintage Alto Metallophone, Fred Poirier – Hole Saw, Jon Meyer – Wind Chimes, Stephen Tallamy – Chilly’s Bottle, Tim Steemson – I Love Lamp, Florian Hirschmann – Lamp, Harriet Jones – Mini Tongue Drum, Liam MacLean – Tongue Drum, Richard Laws – Jen-Co Vibes, Jon Meyer – Gentle Vibes, Andrew Finch – Yamaha Glockenspiel, Terry Frost – Bells, Sam Ecoff – Orff Chimes.

Spring Chimes - A Free "Super" Instrument


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  • Spring Chimes - The Peak of Pianobook

    Before I begin, if you like this library then I'd like to ask that you take a moment to look at the fundraiser launched alongside this project, which donates proceedings to Ukrainians at this terrible time. This library is built on a bond of collaboration and helping each other out, so in that spirit, please consider donating. If you don't have any funds to spare right now, share the fundraiser around with your friends instead!

    So, welcome to the peak of Pianobook. At the very height of the Pianobook mountain lies the home of this library - Spring Chimes - peacefully looking over its brothers and sisters. But it's not because this library is superior to any of the other libraries on this site. In fact, apart from the warps of the samples, none of the samples were made specifically for this library. This is a beautiful compendium of different Pianobook libraries partnered together to form a completely unmatched metallophone library. This library is what this site is about: collaboration, sharing, and teamwork. This is the peak of what Pianobook is all about.

    In terms of sound and character, this library takes up inspiration from the likes of Solstice's Nursery and Paul Thomson's metallophones from Originals Media Toolkit. The sound is brighter than Nursery, and bigger than Media Toolkit, meaning that it is the perfect middle ground between the two. I found using an LPF on the Rainfall patch makes a truly breathtaking intimate sound that is both rich and big. With that in mind, if you've heard the Solstice Nursery patch before, you know what kind of quality this sound is. There are also divisi patches if you want to break out melody parts or divide the sound up.

    There are 6 insane pad signals in this library, under one convenient patch. You can blend all of them together, pan them, control attack and release... It's a swiss army knife for synthetic textures, be it a bass rhythm, an arpeggio or of course, an ever-evolving pad. I am a personal fan of Tape Ripples: the way the sound is so warm and how it flickers every now and then is just jaw-dropping.

    This library is a testament to what this site stands for. It has such a beautiful sound, its UI and playability is excellent, and this will have you composing for hours the moment you hear it, and that's only possible because of the sounds we shared for each other.

    Harriet Ford Music29 March 2022
  • A great instrument for a good cause

    Frédéric is a good man for creating this lovely instrument. I am honored to have gotten the chance to work on this project. This library allows users the ability to utilize samples recorded by the many superstars of this immensely talented community. Check out the music demos to hear the beautiful tranquility of Spring Chimes. Please donate to the Pianobook-Ukraine fundraiser.

    obolig29 March 2022
  • Peak inspiration, peak quality, peak everything!

    This is a phenomenal instrument that is a result of a collaboration for a greater cause. It is top quality material, proof that when a community comes together, amazing things can happen. Extraordinary work by everyone, managing to achieve the perfect result, and all that, offered absolutely for free even in DecentSampler. Cheers!

    Alex Raptakis04 April 2022
  • Greater than the sum of its parts

    Fred was kind enough to give me a sneak peak of this instrument before its release on the PB website as one of my instruments was included. I have already used it in two tracks. All of the libraries included in this super instrument are great on their own, but Fred has created something truly inspiring here. The result is an instrument which is greater than the sum of its parts. Instantly playable, super usable and completely inspiring, this library is brimming with greatness. I'm so honored to have been included, and I'm so proud of the amazing things which are coming out of the Piano Book community. Fantastic work, Fred!

    Sam Ecoff05 April 2022
  • Wonderful chimes

    Thank you Frédéric for creating this beautiful library. It is wonderful, it is inspiring, and it is very well executed at a technical level. The work put in, all the little details, it is all there. Big thank you Fred, this library is outstanding!

    George Mihaileanu05 April 2022
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