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This may be by far the most extensive library i’ve ever made, it contains 10 patches from 3 of my favorite synths: The CS 80, Tyrell n6, and serum. The inspiration came from my favorite composer Vangelis, he always knew how to capture the true character of any instrument, the CS 80 was by Far his most used synth hence why it’s in the library. I hope you get the most use out of this library and I would love to hear what you guys create with it. Cheers.


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  • The Right Amount of Sauce!

    This is an awesome sample pack that will definitely be useful. The patches sound good and are basic enough for me to add my own effects without a fuss.

    GraySky13 October 2021
  • good

    Very good and sound quality also good!

    torra12 October 2021
  • Free nostalgia synth!

    Another synth that is executed pretty well. The quality is nice and there are full ADSR options, along with a low-pass and high-pass filter which are very important for synth sound design. You will also find a Reverb and a Delay knob. The feel you will mostly get is a 80's one, and you will find both pads and leads. Unfortnately the patch names don't say which one is which, so you have to load it and see.

    The GUI has some problems when it comes to clicking things, as it usually grabs the one next to what you want to click, but it's not that big of a deal. Finally, the color theme is quite unfitting in my opinion. I would prefer to see something darker and closer to the cover art, combined with some more colors instead of a mustard-yellow...

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Discovering more all the time

    This is a surprising little gem. Even though I own all of the synths used to compile this I still found the collection quite interesting and unique. As individual patches they are fine, but they really come to life for me when layered with a little movement from Bitwigs modulators. Patches 1-3 sound excellent layered like this. The default FX should be swapped for something bigger like Blackhole for best results. Overall they are a little hot on the output, I needed to turn the pad patches down, but no big deal. Patch 6 is broken, but works if you import the samples manually. Great find, defiantly on my keeper list. Thank you, and more please!

    Jacko Andrews13 October 2021
  • NICE

    i like it a lot, used it in a couple of songs

    fortwoe13 October 2021
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