The story

This library is pieced together from my previous attempts at recording ethnic flutes, it contains:

01. Legato patch.
02. Longs patch.
03. Shorts patch.

All these samples were recorded in two sessions, the flutes were played by my trusted friend obey.
The microphone we used to record these flutes was an SM-57, I hope you can get the most out of this library and I would love to hear what you come up with.


Complexe #pianobook instrument


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  • A flavourful wind-like instrument

    While its name directs us to something complicated, this is the exact opposite - a minimalistic instrument featuring a quality wind sound. It is both warm and textured, with a well-defined and unique character, pristine sampling, and with a great GUI to make it all perfect. This is what enables my creative self. And all that, for just 28MB, for free. Incredible!

    I have to comment that combining this with Ruben's other recent instrument, Clarity, you get a phenomenal ambience that I absolutely adore.

    Alex Raptakis28 April 2022
  • Great Legato Flute

    Another stunning instrument from Ruben. There are 3 patches: Legato, Longs and Shorts. The Legato is really playable and sounds fantastic for a free instrument. It's very inspiring and fun to play. The Longs patch sounds also gorgeous and instantly creates beautiful textures. Finally the Shorts patch is also very useful. Overall an amazing library and I would recommend to use this together with Ruben's Clarinet library called Clarity.

    AndromedaX824 September 2022
  • That Legato patch is superb!

    The 'longs' patch is nice, the 'shorts' patch sounds a bit synthy, but that 'legato' patch is absolutely stunning! That is warm, breathy, very inspirational. Utterly gorgeous!

    SynchrotonesSamplist 21 June 2022
  • Unique, rich-sounding flute

    This is a very soothing, but also unique sounding wind instrument. Besides being nice and airy, it also has some sort of subtle bite/roughness to the sound, which I really love!! The GUI looks very nice and it is easy to use. The legato is good as well, which is definitely a bonus point. Ruben did an amazing job, again!!

    BenBerkenbosch24 September 2022
  • Nice pad and melody sounds

    Nice sounds, and the longs patch has effects preset to sound really good as a pad 'out of the box'. It's not immediately obvious what the lowpass filter 'L' is on the GUI - had to look at the code for the knobs/dials. It actually sounds/functions almost like a volume/velocity control and I think it could probably be used as such with appropriate cc mapping, to accommodate for the lack of distinct velocity layers.
    The staccato notes have a harmonic on attack onset which really doesn't lend itself well to being repitched, so I'd probably only use this for rhythmic vamping on a single note. Altogether a nice instrument - I still want to know the name of the flute being used!

    EamonSamplist 22 April 2022
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