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This may be the library I’ve worked the longest on, from sampling to polishing, although it’s also the library I enjoyed the most to make, it contains 4 articulations which are: longs, trills, staccatos, and overblown staccatos. The library contains basic effects and an envelope to expand creativity. The player of the ethnic flutes is called obey, we instantly started talking about music once I saw his amazing flute collection, these sounds were recorded in a local studio with an sm57. I am so happy that he gave me the possibility to record such amazing Instruments. I hope you truly get the most out of this library And make the most amazing creations with it. Cheers


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  • Really nice tone - what is the instrument's name?

    I will never say no to another traditional / folk instrument. The playability is limited with only one velocity layer and no RRs for each patch, but the tone is very rich and it's probably possible to jigsaw some nice, short melodic lines by combining the different patches. Clear effort has been put in to getting a great player, recording different sounds and building a nice, usable UI. I would love to know what the instrument is actually called if it's possible to find out and edit into the description, or post on the forums! Or names if there are several different flutes being used, though from the sound of the samples it seemed to be one instrument.

    EamonSamplist 22 October 2021
  • The noise takes the magic away

    These flute patches could have been great, but in my opinion they need a little bit of work.

    First of all, I had to manually select every single sample for every single patch, which may be a turn-away for some users. After you manage to go through it, you might start hearing some white noise subtle clicks which don't really make it any appealing. The Staccato patch might have a longer release than your typical staccato, but I really recommend the Overblown and the Trill patches, since they are far more intersting and unique, especially if you are after someting like a Native American sound.

    The GUI is good, but I would prefer a slightly more minimal design with less white and overall contrast. As a bonus, you will find full ADSR settings along with Reverb, Delay and LPF.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Synth or real...

    It feels like this instrument is sitting in a weird in-between zone between being a synth type sound and being a true sampled instrument. The large amount of default reverb and relatively few samples makes me think that this instrument might work better as a synthesized sound, but I believe that the intention of it was to be a standard sound that is true to the instrument from which it was recorded. There's a good bit of noise and not that many samples which can reveal the artificial nature of the instrument in short order. Sampling a wind or string instrument is a tall order I've tried and failed several times and this was a noble attempt, but it falls short in a few areas that make it difficult to implement well into a mix.

    Christopher19 October 2021
  • Good sound but limited capability

    I actually like the sound of these samples. They're really nice for creating texture. I think because of the limited dynamics and round robins i personally wouldn't use it as a front stage instrument. I think it would work really well as something for kind of one note ambient throws since its texture is really cool. The GUI is also pretty well designed with a decent amount of control and simple knobs. I think tis could have alot of potential if it was worked on more. Good job overall.

    septemberwalk01 November 2021
  • Flutes with lots of verb

    This sample pack offers some nicely playable flutes. By default, there's lots of reverb drenching each one, but that's easy enough to adjust thanks to the excellent and stylish GUI. Each sound has between 3-5 samples and no round robins, so there's consistency from note to note. This has its advantages, but it also means that the sound can quickly reveal itself to be a sample. The various samples themselves are sometimes very different in character, so one has to be careful that lines stay within one sample zone. All of the sounds are laid out in the lowest ranges of the keyboard, which seems a little odd, given the natural range of the flutes being sampled. Ethnic Flute's sic is definitely interesting in certain circumstances, but it's probably not an instrument you want to feature in a lead role given the shortcomings mentioned above.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 18 October 2021
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