The story

Cinematic acoustics is a sample library with a beautiful hall type feeling and it comes in a bundle, Cinematic guitar, and Cinematic ukulele. Both sounds are equally beautiful and unique and share the same effects hence they are both of the guitar fam.

I recorded both sound libraries with my phone, then I processed them true Logic Pro and made these extraordinary samples.

I hope you enjoy this library to the fullest and I would love to hear some feedback.


Reviews for Cinematic Acoustics

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  • Nice, but I hear some noise..?

    Both Cinematic guitar and ukulele sound very nice. However, not sure if it is intentional but I hear some noise with the instrument which makes it difficult for me to blend with other instruments.

    Asuka Amane19 October 2021
  • Interesting but not for me

    Although these sound have some nice controllability and can sound pretty nice and ambient depending on how they are processed as i guitar player i dont like sample instruments meant to replicate playing melodies on the guitar, they always sound like a harpsichord to me. So the guitar isn't useful for me. The Ukulele since its so stretched out acctually kind of resembles an organic synth which is find to be pretty cool and fun

    septemberwalk03 November 2021
  • Has potential...

    There's a little bit of noise in the samples, but it's generally not too much where they are unusable. The GUI is well designed, and it's interesting that the knobs spin backwards value of 1 when all the way turned and value of 100 when not turned at all. Not sure if this was intentional, but it might be worth switching just for consistency with other instruments and what composers are used to. I would love to hear some more articulations such as strums or muted plucks, but that's just me being picky. Overall great job!

    Christopher19 October 2021
  • Good cinematic plucks

    The sound of the guitar is nice, although it doesn't immediately sound like your average guitar. Same thing goes with the ukulele, and I find it a little more fitting for my tastes. The sampling is good, and you can achieve a few different kinds of ambiences with the two controls provided. The included reverb setting because it can increase the overall instrument volume by a lot, so keep that in mind. Also, while the GUI has nice aesthetics, everything seem to work completely backwards. It works though, so you might just have to get used to that.

    Alex Raptakis30 October 2021
  • Simple guitar and simple Ukelele

    This library has a guitar and a ukelele, I feel like it could benefit of some deeper sampling. However this did not stop me and I learned that by using the attack well and by adding a lot of reverb, you can get some awesome sounds. The ukelele also has quite a nice tone, so it can be useful for signature sounds like pings. However I do not thing it is too usable as ukelele or guitar on its own. Also watch out with the Ukelele patch, this one was turned up to 12 db for me (might be a bug), but that gave me a good scare. Overall an okay and usable library, just nothing too mindblowing in my opinion.

    BenBerkenbosch24 September 2022
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