The story

The violin is maybe one of the most expressive instruments out there, as a composer myself I use it almost in every composition I make, not too long ago I decided to make a library with the violin of my girlfriend (she was the one that played it because im not really the most skilled one with it :p), once I had the samples I warped them and did all type of cool things to them and even mixed them with some of my old flute samples.

In the process of making the instrument Owen helped me with the scripting of the very essential things and just making the thing run a whole lot smoother, once the instrument was finished I asked my good friend Leo Mayr and the renowned Christian Henson to help me make some cool presets for it (I and Owen even added some presets ourselves as a bonus :p), all in all, it was a blast to work with these guys and there will be many more collabs in the future from now on, I hope you like the sounds within the library and id love to hear what you think about it in the reviews.

History of the violin:
The violin was found in extremely bad condition, meaning completely shattered and even the snares all over the place, there would be a lot more information if the etiquette would still be on but it’s estimated that it was made around the 18th century, the violin was then restored 45 ish years ago and it got into the hands of my girlfriend which loves to play on it.


Reviews for Floralysis

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  • Wow!

    Some really stunners here.
    Please keep these coming. The collaboration trend here at Pianobook is beyond exciting.

    billbk19 December 2022
  • Cool set of instruments

    There's quite a lot of variety in this pack, ranging from some nice haunting violins to some interesting modular sounding synth patches. All of the contributors added some unique twists which gives this pack a lot to explore. The sounds are good with some nice surprises in there. Maybe it could be cool to have some naming or organisation of patches to indicate the different types of 'instruments' that come in the pack (e.g. more synthy vs more violiny) as at the moment that needs to be deduces by experimentation.

    The image of the GUI I have to admit is not my favourite with the busyness of the background reducing the clarity a little, but there is a nice selection of controls, including a volume which is really nice to have in addition to the built in kontakt one, as well as an LPF. One improvement I think could be to have the volume max out at 0dB or have a separate expression control, and to have volume/expression and LPF mapped to CC 11 and 1 respectively.

    colwalder18 December 2022