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This is my instrument for the labs challenge, I had a blast playing with these beautiful sounds.

There are 4 patches in total, I hope you enjoy this library as much as I did making it.

Avebook - #discord challenge


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  • Simple instrument, cool sounds.

    A really great selection of sounds from the AFRORACK samples.
    The Flume preset is my favourite, almost sounds like a cristal baschet.
    The presets all seemed to be tuned a little diferently which is strange but not a massive problem.

    Christopher Scullion21 June 2022
  • A nice array of sounds

    This library contains a small amount of presets that offer a diverse sound set derived from the original LABS samples. Potentially, like other entries, these sounds could have been combined within the same instrument to create more blending options and to make playability better. A lovely effort though!

    Angus Roberts-Carey23 June 2022
  • Four experimental sounds to inspire

    These overly processed but also raw sounding patches are proof that simplicity can be inspirational. These four 1-file sampled instruments offer some very different soundscapes that can spark your imagination without a doubt. They might not be perfect or polished, but they don't need to be. You might be able to hear glimmers, splarkles, winds and mallets, and in the very minimalistic GUI you will find Attack, Release settings, a lovely reverb and a chorus, which do a great job on expanding the nature of all four instruments.

    Alex Raptakis26 June 2022
  • Ok, I have a confession...

    My confession is that I originally wasn't thinking much of this pack. No, honestly, I listened to "flume" and thought "well that's too noisy to be useful and the tuning is off". And then I thought a little more and had a play. And quite liked it.

    I have also just had a good long play with the chiffy little sound "magma" and it's growing on me. A little ostinato (what, me, ostinato? never!) and some bass behind it and I have the beginnings of a track...

    I have to mark it down a little because of the noise and the tuning issues, but - well - nice finds in the Afrorack samples Ruben! :-)

    QorbeQ22 June 2022
  • Is this the sound of Mu?

    There wasn't a .dspreset in the download! I had to unzip the zip file and then look in the 'Instruments' directory to find something I could load into Decent Sampler. So this doesn't quite follow the guidelines for submission... But then looking at the XML, it seems that this was developed in Linux, so maybe there's a cross-platform issue somewhere.

    The UI seems to be common to all four .dspreset files, although the samples are different, so this is really four separate virtual instruments. The rotary control for the Reverb wet level isn't labelled (it is the one of the far right hand side), which is a little confusing. The other controls are well chosen (Attack and Release, Chorus Depth, Low-pass filter Cut-off frequency) and allow plenty of adjustment of the timbre and feel of the sounds.

    The sounds are interesting: more 'found sounds' than many typical Pianobook.co.uk virtual instruments, these are complex, evolving, looped sounds that are unusual and very distinctive (and are not afraid to be slightly loose in their pitching - but if it is good enough for Cher...). In many ways, this reflects the background picture, a Mu-Tron Biphase pedal, often described as the first dual phaser (Mu-Tron is short for Musitronics, but I prefer Mu-Tron). Definitely my favourite phaser pedal back in the late 1970s, although I don't think that I can hear it in any of the samples here...

    So, four simple instruments, but four very different, very unusual sounds. The sort of thing that Christian Henson would like a lot, I suspect (and I don't think that he has a Mu-Tron Bi-Phase (yet!)). Best of all, these sound like 'expensive' samples from a rare, boutique, exclusive sample library (which kind of describes Pianobook.co.uk...).

    synthesizerwriter22 June 2022
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