A clarinet that stands out...

The story

This library is all about clear recordings of the Clarinet, not too long ago my brother came to Costa Rica after a two-year internship in china and brought a clarinet, to fossilize these past months with him I decided to sample his clarinet.

This library focuses on clear recordings, it contains three patches which are:

01. Legato.
02. Longs.
03. Experimental.

All these patches have been recorded with the legendary SM57 that I recently purchased for this occasion, I hope you can get the most of these patches and I would love to hear what you come up with.


Clarity #pianobook instrument


Reviews for CLARITY

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  • Clearly a favourite

    I loved EVERYTHING about this one. Ruben has created an astonishing clarinet instrument that I guarantee you will absolutely love. It features a little more than 2 octaves of playable range, it plays amazingly well, and the sound is simply extraordinaire. I feel that a vibrato slider would top it off, just to give it that extra goosebump ingredient, but then it'd might as well be a premium instrument. Either way, this is an instant favourite that belongs in the top of Pianobook.

    Alex Raptakis20 March 2022