The story

Dedicated to my Mom and Dad.

The Sea has healing powers, and it was (and still is) my close companion and friend since I moved to the Mediterranean. Life threw some hard blows in the past several years, and this move was a leap of faith towards healing my soul, getting back my health and creating space for what I live for – Storytelling.

Every day I would spend at least half an hour just listening to the Sea, talking to me, singing, playing. Things started to move in me, worlds collided, memories, pain, joy, hope, love – inspiration overflowing me. And I started telling the stories again. The Storyteller got stronger each day.

Being a part of this community means a lot to me, as I feel safe and inspired in a world of many other Storytellers. I knew it was the ripe time to give back, to create something of my own. But I had doubts, insecurities – good old Impostor Syndrome kicked in.

But then something started happening – everything in 2 weeks’ time. One sunny day I was walking with my friend by the Sea in a beautiful Maltese port, and I heard this interesting sound – the ropes being pulled by the Sea waves, big ship ropes. I thought to myself: “Don’t even think about it. You don’t have cool microphones; it will not sound good; you can’t do it.” I walked on. But something was pulling me back. I ran back, took my phone out of my pocket and pressed record.

First step done. Impostor Syndrome kicking in again. The sample stayed in my phone. I was ignoring it.

A week after that I went to London for a Spitfire Audio Composers Meet-up, where Paul Thompson said a fantastic thing. Someone asked him does the Impostor Syndrome ever go away. With such honesty, Paul said: “No. It never goes away. But with time, you get used to it and learn how to handle it.” – This was not the first time I’ve heard that. But then, in that moment something settled in me when I heard the honest tones of those words.
On top of that, few minutes later, Dan Keen asks me: “So, when are you going to do your instrument?”

Yes. It was obvious. Kairos. I was called and encouraged to claim my role of a Storyteller once again, this time in a format I’ve never done before. I decided to finally get in that boat. And oh, what a journey it was. I discovered a new world that I never want to leave ever again.

Poseidon’s Pull is a Storytelling vessel made of 3 signals – The Ropes (An original sample of the ropes being pulled by the Sea waves), The Pull (A musical product of the original sample) and The Sea (a signal to get lost in).

I have a few thanks to make:
Thank you to Christian Henson for constantly lighting sparks, creating amazingly inspiring and safe spaces for this community.
Thank you to the pianobook team, all the samplists and demoists for a constant inspiration and fantastic work that lives in this community and on.
Thanks to Dan Keen for encouraging me to embark on this voyage.
Thanks to Mr. Paul Thompson for those wise words.
Thanks to Obolig for being kind of a mentor and giving me tips and tricks through the process of creating my first ever sampled pack.
Thanks to Fred Poirier for being so kind and making Poseidon’s Pull Decent Sampler ready.

This Voyage has just begun.


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  • Ship Ahoy...! !

    Aha me Mateys....put me right in Captain Jack land......lovely atmospherics....

    gregskehill14 November 2022
  • Outstanding!

    Well done Andrea and congratulations on releasing your first sample pack, there's something very special and intriguing about the work that you have done with these sounds, Amazing really!
    This sample pack simply works, and you have been very creative with your ideas.
    Looking forward to your future surprises!

    Martin Andrew Smith16 June 2022

    Really an outstanding work... simply gets you to the sea, a place where everything runs at its own rhythm... thank you Andrea, for such a lovely work

    Marco11 July 2022
  • Poseidon's Pull - an "awakening" of sorts

    This library has a certain "wow" factor that is quite rare. I have spent an entire weekend just playing with Poseidon's Pull. The sounds and atmosphere in here is artful, musical, cultural. It's also intimate, cinematic, organic. And above all, it is challenging - it challenges you to to go beyond where you have been, to journey to those inner places of childhood memories when you experienced the world so much more intensely, with none of the filters we have as adults. This took me way back into my past, and also way out there to where I wish I could have been. Andrea, I bet you didn't know that your simple little library could evoke such feelings, emotions and memories. It is simply, wonderfully perfect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    jhenkins20 June 2022
  • Uncharted Waters

    Andrea has been an active member of this community by providing thoughtful reviews and beautiful instrument demos. She has now opened a new chapter by submitting her first sample pack. It is a true celebration. I'm so proud of you. This is a PERFECT first submission. It is simple, yet creatively unique. This instrument is a classic example of, "Music is all around us". You have proven that there is no need for expensive microphones or fancy coding skills to create something wonderful. Your cleverly-captured, nautical, sounds combined with your moving story make for a splendid creation.

    I encourage you to continue to create sample packs, with each one introducing a new collection of features discovered through venturing into uncharted waters. Always keep learning.

    Owen BoligSamplist 21 June 2022
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