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In the depths of our West London studio lives a Yamaha glockenspiel. It sounds nice when played hard, but better when played softly. I set up a Sontronics Apollo stereo ribbon microphone and recorded this sample in minor thirds. 2 dynamic layers, 4 round robins. The result is warm and clean. I decided to take it to the next step by morphing and mangling these samples into pads that add ebb and flow. You can adjust this knob with the mod wheel for a musical blend that adapts as you play!

Frozen Glock Walkthrough

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  • Dan Doesent Miss

    Dan really doesn't miss. Ive been following him since soft string spurs and its so awesome to see him working for spitfire. His instruments are some of my favorite on Pianobook and I think he has a great ear for sampling. This instrument is beautiful. The way the mallet hits the bell has such a pleasing realistic transient sound and the round robins sound awesome. This instrument also has an awesome dynamic range as well a huge note range, sounding awesome way down low and way up high. Im working on a piece right now inspired by the first Harry Potter movie where i use a celeste. I really like the mechanical noises of the celeste so i don't think I'm going to replace it with this but i might layer this in for added tone.

    septemberwalk26 October 2021
  • Great Simple Soft Glock Sound

    Plays well and sounds great. Well done

    Philip Valdes26 October 2021
  • Frozen Magic....

    A beautiful magical sound that illuminates as it is played...

    Rob03 March 2023
  • Mesmerizingly Good

    Absolutely fantastic and so inspiring! What I like about Dan's Glock is that it's full ranged instrument. The bass sounds really interesting with FX, it gives some kind of a slight modulation. The quality of sound is superb. I love the reverb, perfect for glock. Simply storytelling! Thank you, Dan.

    Andrea GiordaniSamplist 26 October 2021
  • Simple & Dreamy

    I love what Dan said in the video about this instrument, it's about finding something unique and capturing that moment of character. It's very warm for such a traditionally cold instrument but the FX add what I almost imagine as snow falling. The width is perfect on the instrument, it really feels like its sitting in a real space. The FX layers are lovely and blend well with the glock or are extremely usable and dynamic on their own. Another great instrument from Dan!

    04 November 2021
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