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Become transported to sonic realms with this evolving engine. Each build provides a unique center control that adjusts multiple processors uniquely chosen for the sounds presented by the samplists involved. Sam Ecoff captured thick synth tones from his beloved ARP 2600. Sage Reynolds recorded rhythmic found sounds from the bells of a musical toy. Hunter Rogerson converted a sentimental portrait of his Grand Mother to audio. Ryan Weeks beta tested the instrument and created the first demo.

Thank you Sam
Thank you Sage
Thank you Hunter
Thank you Ryan
I love you


Reviews for pOrtals

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  • Inspiration
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  • Absolutely Amazing!

    Well Done Owen. This is easily one of the best libraries on Pianobook. It would make a great Artist Series release. Brian

    bbrylow28 November 2022
  • great textures and atmospheres to fill the spectrum

    This is so good. This library has some great sounds from some of my favorite samplists on the site all combined into a coherent instrument with a clear intention behind it. It offers synthetic/processed abstract sorts of textures and ambience and pads that are just top tier. I also like the naming convention which alludes to the sonic palette offered in the pack. I am a particular fan of the violet pack, mostly because I think I'm just a sucker for fizzy high frequency sound. But each pack plays such a good role for where they operate and the randomizer slider gives unique life to the samples. Also the GUI, best GUI I've seen yet. great job!

    ryan weeksSamplist 14 October 2022
  • Great people bring great results!

    By reading about all the names involved in this, I subconsciously had very high expectations. And they were met in an instant! The all different patches are all about high-tier quality, lovely and unique tones, plus incredible aesthetics. What makes this far more incredible though is the "auto-handler" setting that you can find on the bottom right corner on each patch, which takes control of all the options available on the secondary panel.

    Inside this bundle you will also find some multi-patches which are all great, but I welcome everyone to try creating their own combinations of those sounds. The bonus "review" patch is also great and I can safely say it's my favourite, with the Aqua one being a close second!

    Incredible work by everyone, and thanks for this amazing contribution!

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2022
  • Exciting

    Love the creativity of this library. Feel like I'm another dimension and the gui is very beautiful.

    Kslane1013 April 2024
  • Fantastic

    What an inspirational instrument. Great work guys.

    MrAres05 December 2022
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