Apartment Sounds

Pads made from sounds found around an appartment...

  • Kontakt

ryan weeks’s Reviews

  • Greath Breathy Sound

    You can really feel the air in this one. And the tone is very characterful as well. Very fun to play and can really capture a great deal of feeling for a sampled instrument.

    Evertsberg18 October 2021
  • Cool Unique Sound

    This is one of my favorites on pianobook. Has a very close sound, and very interesting unpredictable harmonics when you get past c4. Very sweet and very warm when tuned down.

    Paper Music Box18 October 2021
  • Love it-A favorite

    This is one of my favorites on pianobook. There is a lot of character in each note, it is really deeply sampled, large amount of dynamic layers. However, personally, I particularly am fond of the bottom ~3 layers. If you can do some basic kontakt finagling, I would suggest adjusting the velocity to make those bottom layers very playable.

  • Reallly Unique--playful

    This is a marimba sound like no other. Very close, in fact with headphones it feels like your ears are being tapped directly--kinda lose that with compression, try not to do that!! So great though, really can't find a marimba sound like this that is so intimate and kinda playful really.

    Tapping Marimba14 October 2021
  • Rich

    This is a great sound. I use it all of the time tuned down an octave or two. At normal register it is pretty harsh scary and rough, but the addition of warmth makes it one of the most beautiful sounds here.

    Scary Flautando Violin14 October 2021
  • Best kind of Old Piano

    This is one of my favorite pianos on Pianobook. It has an old piano sound, but unlike others of its kind has a sort of uncanny sweetness to it. A lot of options to mess with the sound on the GUI as well. might want to turn the sustain down a bit before starting

    Pleyel Felt14 October 2021
  • Soulful

    Something that sample libraries don't tend to have. Is a lot of vocal character, and this has that. Really great, this sound will steal the show in a track.

    Micah’s Choir14 October 2021
  • One of the Best Pianos Here

    This is one of the best Pianos you can find on Pianobook. The piano sounds really nice, you have a tape option. You have a tape option! There are a few notes that seem velocity mapped weirdly and poke out. But otherwise so nice. You have a tape option!

    Autumn Piano14 October 2021
  • Great Sound

    This has an undeniably great sound to it. Just listen to it, kinda shaky in pitch, full of breath, really couldn't find something like this anywhere. Only downside I'd say is that I find the staccatos a little unsatisfying, limiting the playability a bit, but the longs are soo rich, and he even added cool metallic percussion in there as well.

    1956 Tenor Horn14 October 2021
  • Instant Mood

    This is a pad that is basically really good at one thing, creating an ambience for a something to sit in. And it does that super well. I'd say it's difficult to play it in any other way than exactly as intended. But it's haunting, intriguing.. it's nice.

    Americana Granular Pad14 October 2021
  • So Rich

    This a definite must-have. It has a such a unique, but undeniably "guitar" harmonic sound that fills a track well. The GUI thing is bit annoying, there are two .nki's, and I think one of them you can find the file for, the other not..? But that's not a big deal, free amazing sound. This is good.

  • Perfect Close sound

    Seriously, this instrument has such rich mechanical sounds associated with the notes. If you like that sound that is almost as if the hammers--do celestes have hammers..?--are smacking your ear directly, this is just perfect. I like that sound so, very high rating, I will probably have this forever.

    Confinement Céleste14 October 2021
  • As a Pad part, great part

    Really great for putting together your own pads. This contains a lot of info on the "character" end of the energy spectrum. I find that this is a sample that is asking for some warmth, but there's plenty of that to be found on pianobook.