ryan weeks’s Reviews

  • Yes!!!

    Oh this is just my favorite kind of sample instrument. Such a close sweet celest-y tone. Recorded in a way that puts you right next to the instrument, and gives all of the cool textures that make playing around with instantly rewarding. Also really funny story.

    Warty Dulcitone02 February 2022
  • great atmosphere

    I think the creator of this patch did exactly what he set out to do. Which is create the sound of snow. It has an instant mood built into the sound which is absolutely unbeatable in terms of finding some inspiration for a track. The high end bits are so crispy and nice and snowy and light fluffy and crunchy really all of the good stuff you want there. My only qualm is the great textural sounds built into the pad aren't patched separately. (but a high pass filter will solve that).

    Snow03 December 2021
  • Perfect Close sound

    Seriously, this instrument has such rich mechanical sounds associated with the notes. If you like that sound that is almost as if the hammers--do celestes have hammers..?--are smacking your ear directly, this is just perfect. I like that sound so, very high rating, I will probably have this forever.

    Confinement Céleste14 October 2021
  • chaotic goodness

    Really such a great library from Sage, unpredictable, but well recorded clean and full of character. Kinda string-bandy and folky in a way but the patterns redcorded lend towards really unusual use of that sound. awesome!

    Tri-Timbral Flocks22 May 2022
  • Great sounds and a great kontakt package

    The sounds in this are great, there a large set of sample sets to pick from, and is complete with the always-useful ADSR knobs. The noise package is great too.
    From a sound design standpoint, I think maybe the high-pitch portions of the tails are a little bit loud, and I find myself eq'ing these bits out pretty heavily. Ideally, this would contain a way of controlling the volume of those high pitch elements relative to the lower pitch initial wave.
    But the overall package is just stellar, the art of the GUI, and the conisderation of ADSR, the multiple presets. just so good well done.