The story

This is the second half of my sampling journey with the Hammond that lives in my childhood home.

Ironically this “expansion” is the bread and butter of the organ.

The patch “Organ” is what it claims to be. It includes switchable tone categories designated by the organ manufacturer such as Trumpet, Clarinet, and Full Organ as well as my favourite custom draw-bar settings. The GUI allows for opting to split these presets on your keyboard mimicking the two rows of keys (manuals) on an organ. However, the secret weapon of this patch might be the organ pedals! All of the sounds—including the mechanical sounds of the keys—are mixable at the base of the GUI.

The second patch is the Rhythm II unit. I’ve sampled loops of each rhythm type as well as isolating the components of each loop to the best of my ability to allow for building custom rhythms. The patch also includes a version of the loops and samples processed through the same cassette/tube pre signal chain heard in the previous organ collection.


Reviews for Hunter’s Hammond – Tonewheel Foundations

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  • Great Hammond

    Just one word: FANTASTIC

    Zweistein04 June 2022
  • Absolutely Great!!

    I just got around to reviewing this one, it's been out for a while, but it's super useful! It has a great sound of a vintage sort of instrument and really captures all of the great tones and character that come with it. I would say that perhaps playability, but I think that's just how an organ plays. And it's a hammond, it's so groovy, you can't deny it. Overall just a real feat and deserves all the praise.

    ryan weeksSamplist 03 July 2022
  • Uniqueness and greatness

    Hunter not only never fails to create an incredible set of instruments, but he manages to create something very clever and unique as well. The way he designs and programs his patches is extraordinaire, with the result always leads to me being speechless.

    This time it's the unexpected combination of an organ and a drum maschine, and I really can't say anything else other than everything is simply perfect. There is nothing that you can complain, nothing to not appreciate. It is simply a premium set of incredibly recorded, designed and programmed patches.

    I can't stress enough how good Hunter is at creating such quality instruments and giving them away free here on Pianobook.

    Alex Raptakis13 July 2022
  • Beautiful Organ

    This is a really well sampled vintage sounding organ. It has a great GUI and lots of options to manipulate the sound especially with the different stops. I also love the second patch which has lots of drum machine rhythms which are really useful. Overall a really cool library.

    AndromedaX822 September 2022
  • This whole instrument is exemplary work

    The GUI is amazing, the sound is incredible and it's also very versatile!

    I really like how jazzy it can sound, but it also has super powerful lows and a really vintage sound. The organ has a lot of customization in terms of sound, and the vibrato sounds absolutely amazing.

    The drum machine is really cool and well-made too. I think this is just a very, very good instrument and I can only recommend it!

    BenBerkenbosch29 September 2022
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