The story

This is a collection of pads made from sounds I gathered for a first time sampling attempt.

I grabbed the keyboard duster, a bowl, a crappy learner guitar, some paper, I even tried to sing too (recorded with my SM57) and mixed them together with a bunch of reverb/panning etc

Bowls are really cool, have a dissonant harmonic or overtone or something. I made a second set of pads with the bowl sound that tames that dissonance a little bit. Seems to free up room for more musical playing (more dissonant chords and such), but the original one is also good.

All are mostly pad-like, but some have some quick attack that are little punchy.

Samples with texture have cc11 control for envelope. All have cc1 control for volume.

Reviews for Apartment Sounds

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  • Warm Noise Pads

    I named these Warm Noise Pads in my folder because thats what they are to me. There are some previously mentioned issues here, volume turned down on some patches, extremely noisy and so on. There are a good amount of patches here some i don't like at all and some i think are ok. The first patch i think it absolutely amazing and worth the download even if i delete every other nki. All the noise sounds like a beautiful windstorm and the tones are fat and warm. I dont go too high up on the keyboard because it gets really buzzy at this point but staying in the low mid range you really get an indescribable sound. Even in the super low sub part of the keyboard you get this kind of slightly pulsing super deep sub along with the pitched down noise which in my opinion sounds absolutely incredible. Would be an awesome drone for a track. I briefly skimmed through the other patches but I'm seriously in love with this first one. I think its funny how you wrote do not use on this one but this is the one i love

    septemberwalk30 October 2021
  • Lovely atmospheres

    Some I can use in here, very complex and evocative. Word of caution or I'm a doughnut. The default volume for Screechpad_thin and TonePad_thin is set to zero. Not sure if intentional.

  • Atmospheric Lofi Noir Pads

    Cool collection of pads which would be great for anything from atmospheric lofi music to a mysterious "noir" style track. A little bit of noise in the samples but could work to merit in some situations. There's no gui which limits the versatility of the library but it still sound good out of the box.

    Kalaish Stanley13 October 2021
  • Feels like it's still in beta...

    I see a promising future for this library as the sounds are definitely unique and nicely processed, but the whole layout still feels stuck in a beta testing version. Almost all of the articulations are in separate instrument files that makes switching between them an arduous process and there's no GUI to speak of. Organizing the sounds into a couple of instruments with GUI based controls built-in would really help this library become more usable. Make no mistake that there are some good sounds to be heard, but the poor layout is what's really holding this instrument back at the moment.

    Christopher14 October 2021
  • Nice atmospheric pads with lots of noise and some programming quirks

    There are some interesting and unique sounds here, and I love the limitation of creating sounds from things found in one's apartment. However, there's a lot of noise in many of the recordings, and at least a couple of the presets start with no volume, which is an odd choice. While there's some usable stuff here, it probably would have been wisest to share this library with 1-2 people to get their reactions and some feedback before putting them up. These sounds still need a little work to reach their fullest potential.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 26 October 2021
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