A simple synth for classic sounds...

The story

In the past few months, I’ve been working on a Kontakt interface with controls that would allow me to easily and quickly feed it with a wide range range of sound experiments.

Simple-8 is first library that is taking profit of this interface.
It takes inspiration from the Juno range by Roland with three oscillators : A sawtooth, a square and a sub oscillator. All of them were sampled on my beloved ARP2600.

I give it to you, this is not the most experimental library! But I believe that thanks to the interface, you can get a nice variety of patches. With the library comes a few snapshots I created but I think it would be interesting to expand the library by creating more presets together. So if you download it and are interested in the project, it would be great if you could send me your snapshots so I can add them to the website file for everyone else in this wonderful community (send at [email protected]).

I hope you’ll like it


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  • One of the best retro synths you will find!

    This is a true work of art, and if you are into synth sounds, this will definitely get a special place in your heart. Packed in an incredibly small amount of size, this patch might not seem a lot at first, but it packs some incredible potential. To get it out of the way, everything sounds incredible, and the design is very well-thought. All the options provided are a gift, and small details such as re-binding the modwheel to something else from a drop-down menu will be useful to many.

    What you might easily miss is the 22 different presets hidden different and well-labeled folders. If you are not satisfied with those, the enormous amount of well-designed settings and effects will help you shape the sound you are looking for.

    An instant and super easy recommendation to everyone!

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022
  • Simple, sounds great.

    Nami audio always delivers high quality products. I found this very useful because it sounds great, it's easy to use and is really easy to fit in a lot of projects.

    renzoorlandini25 April 2022
  • So Simple, so beautiful

    Simple synth sounds packed in a very clever interface, an invitation to create your very own sounds! Very inspiring and fun to use, already have a couple of presets to share!

    Fred Poirier05 April 2022
  • Super Simple Sampled Synth

    Cracking synth sounds with a great, very tweakable GUI

    Jim Sanger04 April 2022
  • Have a go at analog synthesis with this intuitive instrument

    At its core this is a deceptively simple instrument. It consists of three sound sources: a sampled sawtooth, a square and a triangle waveform. This is the “oscillator” section of this synthesizer. These waveforms can then be manipulated by using Kontakt’s filters, effects and modulators. This can all be done by using a very intuitive and professionally designed GUI or interface and that is what makes this instrument shine. Anyone can have fun tweaking the various controls to make their own patches or snapshots in Kontakt without having to go under the hood. Alex has provided some very useable presets to get you going and you can either tweak away with these or create your own from scratch using the useful init preset. More libraries will be added in the future and I look forward to seeing what comes next! A lot of hard work has gone into this project. Great work.

    Nigel24 March 2022
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