MG Steel String Harmonics

A small body Cort acoustic guitar with rich sounding harmonics

The story

I bought this beautiful Cort acoustic guitar for my son’s birthday, after visiting London’s Denmark Street. This is a small body guitar with lots of character, and I particularly noticed the harmonics sounded very rich and full. So I sampled all the harmonics, and here it is as my first contribution to this amazing Pianobook community!

The MG Steel String Harmonics instrument is sampled with three round robins and three velocity layers, ensuring a very responsive, human feel. You can also adjust the attack time and hold notes to create a nice pad effect. I have also created a unique pan effect (when the Pan FX switch is activated) which changes the pan position of each note played by a random amount – to create an etherial effect, as heard in places in the demo track.

I hope you enjoy the instrument and find it useful.

Mike Georgiades

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  • Well, it's really, really that good!

    It might have been the best harmonics patch I've played in a while. The sampling is perfect, it's dynamic, it's responsive, it has everything you need, and more! I didn't even know I wanted a pan randomizer, but now I do! You can also make it compeltely dry and add your own effects. Damn this is good. Great job and thank you for your contribution!

    Alex Raptakis30 October 2021
  • Atmosphere and precision

    This is an inspiring sample pack, instantly playable and very precise in the sounds it offers. There's a great range of realistic playing sound to be had and enough difference between layers to keep it feeling live. I placed a section of Heirloom strings underneath this library and is sounds fantastic. Thank you very much for your work and generosity in offering this one to us Mike, it is really appreciated.

    Robert Pacitti13 April 2022
  • Passes the Guitarist test

    as a guitarist more often that not i don't like guitar instruments made to play melodic things. I lover ambient guitar pads and things like that but I've always found sampled guitars for the purpose of playing melodies very fake sounding. Ive always felt that harmonics instruments sound a-lot more realistic than regular sampled notes, probably because harmonics are kind of "tapped" more similarly to a piano while regular notes are picked with a specific articulation sound. I think this library sounds great. Good amount of dynamics and round robins and the samples themselves sound really realistic and natural. I can't wait to blend these in with some acoustic guitar recordings. Great job.

    septemberwalk30 October 2021
  • Excellent in every way!

    This instrument has a clean and beautiful GUI. The controls are maybe a little small for those of us over 40, but that's my problem! Four velocity layers with three round robins make this instrument very musical. The instrument was sampled in whole steps, so there are A LOT of samples in this instrument. It's immediately obvious that a boatload of time and effort went into creating this. There's also a really carefully crafted loop that allows the harmonics to sustain. Super cool! This library seems to have the magic combination of a great instrument, played by someone with a lot of skill, perfectly recorded, and expertly programmed in Kontakt. Sure hope we hear more from Mike in the future!

    Sam Ecoff24 October 2021
  • So Rich

    This a definite must-have. It has a such a unique, but undeniably "guitar" harmonic sound that fills a track well. The GUI thing is bit annoying, there are two .nki's, and I think one of them you can find the file for, the other not..? But that's not a big deal, free amazing sound. This is good.

    ryan weeks14 October 2021
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