Clay and Kelsy’s Reviews

  • Loved Playing These!

    We just spent the last half hour jamming with all of these to the theme song of our favorite show ever!! So thanks for that! Over all recorded nicely, super simple GUI just the sound as is, clearly you put a lot into it behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing!

    TP Project23 October 2021
  • Dark and Inspiring

    Really appreciate the sound of this one and is easy to play something emotional and pretty.

    Harmonic Flights17 October 2021
  • How did you get a Cymbal to sound like that?

    This is a really lush pad sound. It's nice that it doesn't immediately sound like a Cymbal but if you listen close enough you hear the shimmer. Really inspiring to play and usable in a song.

    Cymbal Atmos10 April 2022
  • Great Guitar Sample

    Easy to place this in a project that wants that classical finger sound. Really well recorded. Only thing we were left wanting was a few more reverb options and controls. Thanks :)

  • Sustain Swells is lovely!

    "Sustain Swells" sounds really good. The sound of "Swells" was a little overblown for us. Over all it was well recorded and very cinematic and could even use it for pop strings. Thanks for sharing!

    Box Violin Swells22 October 2021