The story

We have taken our favorite pitched 808 kick drum sample and have run it through the Voice Of God by Little Labs. We tuned the VOG’s resonant frequency, giving an explosive, saturated quality to each 808 note. We wanted to create a distinctive version of this well-known kick drum sample and make it a strong contender to fatten up any bass or kick drum in your mix. We found this instrument’s range to be quite unique, adding higher registers and creating beautiful, ethereal sounds to the lower resonating frequencies that will shake your studio walls.

Made with love
by Clay and Kelsy

Key Features:

-808 sample processed through Voice of God by Little Labs.
-Convolution reverb with three of our custom impulse responses: “The 80’s, Cloud Grains, and Spirits”
-Three Pre-sets to showcase gr808s sonic range.
-Bouncy FX (ping-pong delay)
-Random [?] button to randomize all parameters.


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  • more than a great bass!

    its gr8! and you can tell all the different sounds in the demo were made all with the gr808 very cool!!. 10/10

    mello29 March 2022
  • 5/5

    Great instrument with a warm sound. What else do you need?

    sadness18 April 2022
  • A deep bass, but a sweet pad as well!

    This is an incredible and immensely versatile instrument, since it's being able to produce a very deep and subby bass, to a truly sweet and charming sound - I find it working incredibly well if you pitch to +24!

    You should definitely try it yourself. The amount of options provided is great and will help you find some awesome combinations. If you dont feel like searching, you can always use one of the three presets or just hit the randomization button, which I find lovely.

    If you liked this one, you might be interested in the other instruments by C+K, they are made in a very similar and well-done fashion!

    Alex Raptakis04 April 2022
  • Love the GUI - especially the random button

    I'm not even an 808 fan, but this is a cool instrument. GUI is useful and easy to use. Love the Random Button. The 808 sample also sounds good in the upper areas of the keyboard and can be quite pleasant. Depending on the parameters it can produce some unexpectedly ethereal sounds and effects. Try this. I expect you'll be surprised at what you hear.

    durable26 August 2022
  • Simple and sounds great

    Sounds like something Thom Yorke would have fun with.

    Jim Sanger18 October 2022
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