The story

Clay bought this brass gong instrument from a little shop in the Netherlands while studying in Den Haag between 2013-2014. We don’t know what the origin or model of this particular Gong is, so we decided to name it aGong. We spent time creating a GUI with a minimal design that is fun to interact with and feels really good to play. We were initially inspired by its beautiful tone in a polyphonic setting, and were quite surprised by it sounding so close to an electric Celeste or Rhodes.

Made with love
by Clay and Kelsy

Key Features:

-Stereo AKG 460B’s into Millennia HV-35’s
-Flea 47 into a BAE 1073 MPF
-OTO Machines BAM Space Generator
-Encore-NZ3R Marimba Mallets.
-Bouncy Effect (ping-pong delay)
-Three Pre-sets to showcase aGongs sonic range.
-Random [?] button to randomize all parameters.


Reviews for aGong

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • A trully inspirational mallet!

    I certainly didn't expect this awesomeness from a mallet. The sound itself is very nice by default, but the implemented design elements take it to another level. To top it all off, the random button is there to surprise you with combinations you can't expect. Simply awesome!

    If I had to complain about something, that would be the second (far) microphone being on a noisier side, though if you mess with the settings you might find it giving a very nice texture to the entire sound.

    Alex Raptakis04 April 2022
  • Shimmery Goodness

    A cute little gong that sounds a bit like a music box imitating a vibraphone imitating a Fender Rhodes.

    I love it. Can't stop messing around with it and distracting myself horribly every time I open this thing...and of course Clay and Kelsy absolutely smash it when it comes to GUI design.

    I think my favorite trick here is to back off the close mic and let the far mic shine, as it sounds like you are hearing the gong ringing across a bay or a hollow-there's an unreal sense of space.

    Tasteful Reverb choice too...only thing I would have liked was a feedback control for the delay instead of an on/off switch.

    Anyway, get it now!


    Adin Kovacik28 March 2022
  • With this gong you can't go wrong

    A lovely sounding gong and an amazing interface! Really like the options that are given in the interface and how they look. The effects that can be enabled sound inspiring and there's even a randomise button that will do it for you if you want!
    I especially love the upper range, since the lower range tends to sound a bit more muddy. Overal an awesome sound!

    Nomax24 May 2022