The story

Christian awarded my instrument, “Beep Boop”, the most original sample pack of the 2021. This is my attempt to top that.

This instrument has many effect parameters that are altered by playing a fully functional dice game in the center of the UI. These controls can be adjusted manually only after the user removes blockers by achieving high scores. This instrument is capable of producing a wide range of sounds coupled with a whacky user experience. The main focus of this project is fun over functionality.

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Reviews for Dice Game

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  • Pure fun

    It's honestly a crying shame that I can only give this library five stars for the interface. Obolig has shown us once again that he's able to do absolutely next level stuff with his interface programming. Keeping this a secret for the past few weeks has been an enormous challenge, and more hours than I care to admit have been spent playing this instrument... but not really playing it. I mean, playing the game. Download it and be amazed. Have fun. Oh yeah, and if you're not cool enough to know the rules of Yahtzee by heart, here you go:

    Sam EcoffSamplist 23 February 2022
  • A Geek's Heaven

    This was made for geeks like myself!
    This is not just a library, but as it's already mentioned here by obolig, this is also a game.
    It consist of some amazing and crazy synth sounds which you can trigger into sequencer. There are tons of possibilities. You can change the tones in the sequence and their quality. And there's more!!!
    GUI is so well done.
    The whole thing makes me smile. Once I've started playing I lost myself. When I looked at the clock, 2 hours have gone. Bliss :)
    Thank you obolig. We want more :D
    Kudos for that trailer/teaser, l o v e i t

    Andrea GiordaniSamplist 24 February 2022
  • I never had so much fun with a sampled library

    This is a trully, 100% unique idea, paired with a fantastic execution by Obolig. It's not something to load up and start composing, but it's definitely something to load up and be inspired by the unknown. It's really incredible.

    Alex Raptakis14 March 2022
  • Roll your dice!

    Creativity on a different level!! Something well out of the box!

    Norman Fernandez19 March 2022
  • Most creative and fun sample library out there!

    Okay so to start this off. WOW. This is not a regular sample library, nor is it a very useful library for your compositions. But this is so much more than that!!

    I never had so much fun with a sample library, this is a whole game, designed in Kontakt, it is absolutely bonkers! I played around with this for a long time and had so much fun. You have a dice game you can play and you can unlock features by getting good scores. The programming on this is so incredibly good, Obolig did an amazing job here, and this is exemplary work.

    I played the game four times, three times legit to unlock everything, and one time I cheated. And it's really funny what happens if you do so, however, I am not going to spoil anything, you really have to check this out for yourself. Absolutely incredible library overall (even though it would fit better in the category games haha).

    BenBerkenbosch29 September 2022