The story

Songwriting means everything to me and I’ve spent a lot of my living and learning in that world. Even when its tenets are taken from their original context and employed in movies or video games it tends to stir the quiet and honest parts of us. When I sat behind the mics to start making this library I played the instruments the way I do when I’m writing and producing folk music: very vulnerably and not too seriously (this ain’t your grand-dad’s pizzicato).
Each instrument was played in a different part of an old room; this is another important pillar in the library. You now have the ability to move the instruments around the room and listen as the room and the instruments react to each-other as well as the final say on just how much mic bleed there is (an idea I’ve been wanting to explore for a long time).
I’ve really put my heart into this one and hope it helps to tell many important stories.

Product Info

Minimum Kontakt Player Version6.7
Round RobinsUp to 5
Velocity LayersUp to 7
Sound Quality24bit/ 48Khz
ArticulationsPlucked and Brushed Shorts, Tremelo, 3 Tempo Synced Grooves
Additional Features– Ensemble and Articulation type full customisation
– Unique blend tool to define where instruments sit in the space
– Artists presets for quick starting points
Operating SystemClick here to view Native Instrument’s Recommendations
StorageRecommended stored on an external SSD


Reviews for Hearth & Hollow – Plucked Folk Ensemble

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